If you are pregnant, you must know the cost!

1. Choose the ideal way to get tires

Generally speaking, there are two types of fetal flow and abortion.

The drug flow is prone to incomplete abortion. In the later stage, the palace surgery may need to be cleared in the palace, and it is necessary to cause unnecessary trauma to the body while repeating the cost. Therefore, the drug flow is almost not recommended.

As more and more women are pregnant, there are more and more ways to give birth.Ideal choice.

2. How much does the abortion of fetal tires

Different regions and hospital qualifications will be different, and the charges of abortion surgery will be different. At the same time, the pregnancy situation will also affect the cost. In the selection of hospitals, it is best to choose a regular hospital with transparent abortion qualifications. Generally speakingaspect:

1. Preoperative examination cost

Preoperative examination is a very important step in abortion surgery.Through examination, you can have a comprehensive understanding of the situation of pregnancy and rule out whether there are inflammatory infections to determine the difficulty of surgery.

If there is inflammation, it is not suitable for surgery immediately, and abortion surgery can be performed after controlling inflammation.

If inflammation, surgery can usually be performed on the same day.

2. Surgery cost

The cost of surgery varies according to different flow of people.Multiple abortion surgery methods in the hospital: minimally invasive painless abortion, superconducting visual painless abortion, microtardide visual painless abortion, laparoscopic embryo abortion, etc.Choose different abortion techniques to meet the needs of various types of people.

3. Postoperative anti -inflammatory cost

After abortion, it is necessary to do a good job of anti -inflammatory work, otherwise it is easy to infect the uterine cavity, induce genital lesions, and affect re -fertility.There are two types of anti -inflammatory methods: anti -inflammatory drugs and infusion.For postoperative personal conditions, the cost is similar.

This reminds female friends: Do not be seduced by low prices of small clinics. There are no sterile operating rooms in small clinics. There are no major hidden dangers in surgical materials and postoperative guarantees.Severe consequences such as education.

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