If you are about to give birth, you find that you are pregnant?really have

There is a word to call first, and everyone must understand what it means. Many things seem to be logical relationships. For example, if you are hungry, you will want to eat, such as you are sleepy, you will let yourself go to sleep, such as you will go to sleep, such asYou find that you are pregnant, and then you will know that you should be preparing to have a baby.

However, some people will have a different approach. Sister Sister woke up this morning and saw such a news:

When I have a stomach pain, I have to go to the bed and have a baby before I find that I am pregnant?IntersectionIntersection

You may feel incredible when you see it, right?

Not to mention, Sister Sister I really encountered it!

We call this patient for the time being. The afternoon of the wind and the sun, Sister Sister is still on duty. The elder sister and the elder brother came over and asked for a B -ultrasound to check it.It’s been a long time.

I asked the elder sister: How long haven’t you come?

The elder sister thought about it, and said: After the New Year, I didn’t come after the New Year. I was the last time I came to work in the New Year, and I never came since then.

I looked at the size of the elder sister. The shape of my belly was quite round and cute, so I asked the eldest sister: Is it possible to get pregnant?

The elder sister fluttered and laughed: Hahaha, maybe, I have three, and I feel that I don’t feel it. I just eat a little bit, and it is not affected by my work. How can I get pregnant!

I asked the eldest sister to go forward: Come, my eldest sister, the clothes raised their stomachs.

The elder sister cooperated very well, and easily set off the T -shirt to expose her stomach. I touched it, alas, the height of this palace, there are definitely 34 weeks, there can be more than less!

Nevertheless, we still have to be stable, so I still met the requirements of the elder sister and gave her a B -ultrasound.

Sure enough, I didn’t expect it. Half an hour later, the aggressive elder brother came back with the B -ultrasound, and said:

This B -ultrasound doctor said, I can come to give birth to children almost next month?

The big brother next to him asked some inexplicable words:

This, this, is this really pregnant?

When I looked at the B -ultrasound, it was 35 weeks, and the two were inexplicable and I didn’t know what I was doing!

Of course, because I do n’t know that I am pregnant at all, I did n’t do all the birth checkups and did n’t build a card. Fortunately, the elder sister was strong and did not feel. It was not affected all day long, and the belly became bigger.I just always thought that I had eaten too much and was fat.

I can’t help but ask: Didn’t you feel that there was something in your stomach?

The elder sister was embarrassed to say: I thought I had a too much intestine, and I didn’t think about it. I still feel that I have menopausal, otherwise this aunt will never come.When you come to the hospital, it is estimated that your stomach hurts and then come to life!

I said, then you are fortunate, like your fourth child, the real stomach hurts and thinks of rushing to the hospital. It is estimated that you will give birth before you go to the hospital!

The elder sister is still a little inexplicable: Then I have three, and the big girls are all going to college. Can I not do this?

I was crying and laughing, so I had to tell them that the children did not find abnormalities at present, and it should be born in a few days. Now it ’s a bit too late.

Give away the big brother and sister who was stuck in the mist in the clouds. A big sister who was lined up in the next time had long been unable to hold the gossip heart, and she looked at the house and asked myself:

Doctor, just now, really want to give birth to know that he is pregnant?Why is this person so big?

Hey, it is really strange in the world!

To be honest, Sister Sister knows that such things will definitely not only happen to the United States, and there is a confused sister. This is why, every time Sister Sister talk about the first sentence of irregular menstruation, it often reminds you:

Exclude pregnancy!Be sure to rule out pregnancy, dear!

Someone followed me proudly:

We are all in vitro

I am a physique that is not easy to get pregnant

I am a safe period

I am polycystic …

Submarine words: You are worrying about it, I won’t get pregnant!

In fact, many such confident people are finally slammed by their confidence!

Sister Sister here, again, solemnly remind you:

As long as there is a pop -up history, and it occurs in the recent menstrual cycle, then when you have no aunt, you must remember to exclude accidental pregnancy!

The specific possible probability is related to the contraceptive method you use.

If you are honest and honest, you have never leaked and forgot to take oral short -acting contraceptives, or good on the birth ring, and the skin buried well, then this probability is relatively low.

But if you rely on the period of calculation, you are not normal by your own aunt, relying on the body, and relying on you feel that you are lucky enough. What is "not easy to get pregnant", and even think that you can have a high pillow without worry?Sorry, the final ending may really be an unexpected "surprise" -not really joy, but a scary!

However, there is another sister who wants to say:

I do n’t want to be a Ma Daha, no, too much sensitive glass heart, it ’s not possible to be soldiers and trees.

For example, after some girls slammed with their boyfriend last night, the next day, she felt that her chest became bigger and her belly became bigger. She was frightened that she was pregnant.

Even breast enhancement surgery is not so fast!

Another time, Sister Sister met a younger brother, because I touched her girlfriend under her hands, she was caught in a panic that was worried about pregnancy. Sister Sister explained to him three times, and finally had to tell him to tell himThe

If he just touches his hands, it will cause the other party to get pregnant, then this matter should almost be defined as a spiritual event!

And this younger brother, neither of them undressed, and scratched them across two layers of pants.

Let’s talk about it, and finally give you a summary:

If you are worried about fear, just plan ahead and do a good job of contraception.

When you find abnormalities, find the reason as early as possible. Don’t always think about fighting. When you walk more, you will wet shoes one day in the morning and evening.

Seeing less brain novels, learning more science knowledge, Mr. Sperm and Miss Egg will not move greatly, if you can get pregnant at the air, it may not only be an incredible spiritual event, but there are other possibilities of the other possible one.Sex, that is:

There is no time to be quiet, but someone will take ahead for you!

Don’t blame Sister Sister’s cruelty. Fairy tales are deceived. People always have to experience the beating of life. Don’t patronize and laugh.


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