If these three "body shapes" after pregnancy, it means that the fetal condition is good, and pregnant mothers don’t have to worry about

In October, it was a long time for pregnant women.Since pregnancy, women’s figures will change many changes, and these changes will fully reflect the development of the fetus.Specific mothers should carefully observe their body changes, which can also understand the health of the baby.

Over time, the shape of pregnant women will change, which will fully illustrate the development of the baby.The changes in different stages are mainly reflected in the abdomen, and of course the changes in other body parts cannot be ignored.

The abdomen is flat in the early pregnancy and there is no too much change

In general, the early body shape of pregnant women has not changed, and the development of fertilized eggs has not yet taken shape.At this time, the abdomen of pregnant women is very flat. Pregnant mothers do not have to worry too much about their body without changes, and pay more attention to the characteristics of the chest.

If the chest becomes bigger and bigger at this time, the pregnant mother should be happy.This is a normal manifestation of hormone secretion in the body. Children will have sufficient milk after birth, which will not affect the child’s feeding.

The abdomen of the second trimester is bulging, and the body becomes abundant

After entering the middle of pregnancy, the abdomen of many pregnant women has begun to change, and there have been bulging phenomena.The body size of a pregnant woman is the most obvious is the weight gain.As the pregnant belly gradually becomes larger, pregnant women need to change in the past, and they cannot adapt to the shape of this time.

The abdomen in the third trimester is obvious, and the action becomes inappropriate

At this stage, the abdomen of pregnant women will become bigger and bigger, which is very obvious.Of course, the pregnant belly becomes larger, and the body of the pregnant woman can start to become bulky, and the more inconvenient will become more inconvenient.

At this time, no matter what pregnant women want to do anything, it will become inconvenient.Even some small things may need family members to help.In the third trimester, the action of pregnant mothers will be severely limited, indicating that the baby’s development is healthy and the growth rate is fast.

At different stages, pregnant women will continue to change, which is actually related to many reasons.

The baby’s development is changed, and the growth rate changes

During the four months of pregnancy, the weight of the fetus increased significantly, and it could reach about 120 grams, and the length of the body would increase a lot.But at this time, the fetus is still small and is in the stage of bone development.Entering 20-24 weeks, the baby mainly develops bone development at this stage. At this time, the abdomen of the pregnant mother will change significantly.

The amount of amniotic fluid changes greatly, ensuring the normal development of the fetus

As soon as you enter the second trimester, the amount of amniotic fluid in the pregnant woman’s palace will increase significantly, which can form a good protection for the baby.With sufficient amniotic fluid, the fetus will have enough oxygen supply, which is conducive to the healthy development of the baby.The increase in the amount of amniotic fluid makes the abdomen of pregnant mothers more prominent, and naturally triggers changes in the body.

Different placenta positions, the shape of the pregnant belly will be different

The placenta is on the front wall or the posterior wall, which will directly affect the changes in the pregnant belly.If the placenta is in the back wall, the pregnant woman’s belly will appear a round shape, but it will not be very prominent.In contrast, the placenta is located in the front wall and in front of the abdomen. At this time, the pregnant woman’s belly will appear larger.

Among the traditional concepts, the elders will think that the front and back of the heart can judge the sex of the baby, but in fact this view is not accurate.The position of the placenta is in the front wall or the posterior wall, which affects the position and shape of the pregnant belly, but it cannot be determined by the baby’s gender. There is no direct connection in the middle.

Fertilized eggs in bed, decide the changes in the pregnant belly

Before pregnancy, the menstrual conditions of pregnant women are unstable and easily affect their ovulation time.Ovulation time cannot be determined, and naturally it will directly affect the time of fertilized eggs.The fertilized eggs should be judged according to the environment in the uterus. When does the abdomen of pregnant women highlight, it is related to the bed time of fertilized eggs.

If the endometrium of the pregnant mother is thin, the fertilized eggs will be affected.After the fertilized eggs are delayed, the baby’s pregnancy week calculation will also be different.Some pregnant mothers may gradually see the changes in pregnant belly after five months of pregnancy. At this time, they must always pay attention to their physical condition.

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers have a lot of changes. The attention of pregnant mothers can be placed on the growth of the baby. As long as the baby and herself have a healthy during pregnancy, the body can be recovered through exercise in the later stage. After all, nothing is more important than health than health.It’s.

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