If the husband and wife can’t go, to the point of divorce, should you want a child or a house?

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People around said that Sister E was ruthless, and there were more people, and Sister E almost thought it was the case.Fortunately, Sister E knew what she wanted, so when she made a choice at a critical moment, she asked the house instead of children.

Sister E’s family wanted to use her children to trip her footsteps, but Sister E was hearting to divorce. She was enough to be romantic. She didn’t want to continue to live with him and was tortured by his spirit.

After the house, Sister E has a nest after divorce, so as not to be homeless.Otherwise, when she is reunited to society, when can she have a place to live in peace, and she has nowhere to live in how she can support her children.

After Sister E was divorced, fortunately, she could endure hardships and found a relatively stable job. Although she didn’t earn much, she finally had income. The key was the weekend. I could pick up her daughter and live with her for two days.

In this way, Sister E worked hard while working hard. In the second year of the second year of the child, her ex -husband remarried. Sister E had just had financial resources to take over her daughter education, and her ex -husband was also willing to let go, and they became their mothers.

Until this, no one said that Sister E was ruthless. As long as the house needs a house, the divorce does not want children, and in turn feels that Sister E is wise.

In modern society, divorce has long been a commonplace, and everyone doesn’t care.However, when a divorce is more realistic, the choice of children and houses during divorce.

So, if the husband and wife can’t go through, to the point of divorce, should you want a child or a house?

In fact, the choice of men and women is different.

First of all, women focus on feelings, and most of them will choose children without hesitation

Some women are easy to act impulsively when they divorce, and do not consider their actual economic situation and situation. In order to go to the child’s custody right, leave the house, and then take the child to live a bitter life.

In the interview show made by emotional expert Tu Lei, a guest of one period was a single mother. She said in the show that she had no need to divorce her husband when she divorced her husband, and she asked the child. At that time, she was particularly firm.

She seemed to be affectionate, and the result hurt her daughter to suffer with her. The mother had nowhere to settle. She could only live in a bicycle shed, and her daughter was sent to school for boarding. The mother and daughter could not live together.

The daughter thought of her, she often woke up in the middle of the night, her mood was very low, which affected her academic performance. She felt very disturbing, but she would not do a house when she divorced, and she would not do it.

Women are generally affectionate. For them, children are not goods but are priceless, and they cannot be measured with money.

Even if house prices are more expensive, children are the most important for women.Without a child, she would not feel at ease even if she lived in a big villa, but it was uncomfortable.

Many women have no way to calm down and decisively when they divorce. Children are their weaknesses, so they are stable by men firmly, and eventually choose their children at the time of divorce or actively or passively.

But when a woman is divorced, choosing a child does not choose a house. You must consider whether you have the ability to let the child live a better life when you choose to want a child, especially the woman who is not independent and supports herself.

Women try to get their children to themselves. Is it just to let the child live with herself?Don’t you feel distressed?

Long pain is not as good as short pain, because raising children is not a day or two, nor a year or two. It takes a long time. It consumes manpower and financial resources. If a woman has no ability, it cannot bring a good life to the child.

In this case, it is better to give up one end of both ends, first improve your economic ability, and then think about asking for children.

Actress Zhao Liying did a good job in this regard. When she divorced, she gave her children Feng Shaofeng, because his economic conditions were better and could give children a better life.

Secondly, when men are divorced, most of them choose houses instead of children.

When men divorce, his performance is much more rational than women, and men will carefully weigh the disadvantages and disadvantages.

Once they feel that choosing a house is good for themselves, they will not take care of how others evaluate his behavior. If others love, they will say that he will not go in his heart at all.

They don’t care how others judge themselves, say what they have lost money, and do not even have their own biological and flesh.

Men have not experienced the hard work of pregnancy and having children. Relative to women, men’s feelings for children are not so profound.

The man even felt that when divorce, he chose a house. In the future, when he left the life, the house was not a child.

Regardless of men or women, when you are divorced, you need whatever you want.

Many women are not determined when they divorce their choices, and they are easily affected by outside public opinion. They feel that they must have to have children. In any case, they cannot let their children ask for life under the hands of their stepmother.

As a result, the woman left the child beside her, but because of her own economic conditions, let the child eat a lot of hardships with herself. Both of the women’s days were unhappy, and they resent each other. Why bother?

It is better to give the children a better future husband with better economic conditions, and women concentrate on their careers, regularly go to the ex -husband to see the child, and play with the child to play with the child.

You do n’t want a child during divorce, but the child does not lack care from parents and mothers. Children can grow up healthily and happily in single -parent families.

Life often shows the cold and realistic side in front of people, and there are very few times of tenderness.It is not the same as you think at all. Relying on your wish to bring a better future to your children, this is tantamount to dreaming.

The older the child, the bigger and bigger, not only the love of parents, but also the money support provided by the parents. You are also the banner of good children. When the child needs economic support, you have no power to do it.

Either a man or a woman. When you divorce, you want a child or a house. The most important thing is to depend on what he is missing.If you have the ability to have the ability and lack of loved ones around you, you have to be a child. If you lack money, you have to do a house.

When you face the choice of divorce, you must understand that only if your career and life are stable, psychological and emotional health can you have the ability to give your child true love.

This is just what you said on the Internet: "The best education is never chicken baby, but the chicken itself."

However, I still hope that every couple with children can operate their own marriage with their hearts, so that the family can maintain it stable and long for a long time, so that you do n’t have to face the embarrassing embarrassing situation of “asking children or houses”.

Author: Xue Luo has no dust, emotional counselor, focusing on the solution of love and marriage.When you encounter any emotional trouble, you can click my avatar to send me a private message in the upper left corner. I will help you analyze and help you solve it.

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