If one of the husband and wife is O -type blood, what are the characteristics of the baby born?Suggest

Blood type is a method of blood classification. It usually refers to the type of red blood cells. The basis is whether there are certain hereditary antigen substances on the surface of the red blood cells. The more common blood types include type A, B, AB, and type O.

At present, the most blood type in China is O blood type, because most humans have the most O -blood type.

The AB type occupies about 100 million percent in China, the B blood type accounts for about 400 million percentage in China, the A blood type accounts for 500 million people in China, and the O blood type accounts for 600 % in China to have a population of 600 % in China According to statistics, O blood type is the most proportion in my country, and it is also a popular blood type.

Some people even think that if one of the parents is O -type blood, the baby may be lucky, then what are the characteristics of the baby born based on the combination of his blood type?Let’s take a look at it together.

If one of the husband and wife is O -type blood, what are the characteristics of the baby born?Suggest

【Type O blood+A type blood】

Under normal circumstances, according to the law of Menteer’s heredity, the father of type O blood and the mother of type A blood, the father of type A, and the mother of type O after marriage, the baby’s blood type is generally O or A.

However, due to some special reasons, such as hemolysis or other diseases after birth or alternatives of leukin, the child’s blood type may be temporarily unstable.

There is also a special case. Every 50,000 people may have blood type mutations. The child’s blood type is not limited by genetic rules, and other types of blood types will occur.

Type A blood was originally restrained by the action. Because of the influence of the parents, the baby became the activity. When the child did things, it would be very engaged.Self -strong.

【Type O Blood+B Blood】

Type O blood parents do not have the A antigen nor the B antigen, and the B -type Blood parents have B antigen. The B antigen can be inherited to the child, or if it is a hybrid, it may not be inherited to the child.

Therefore, the child’s obtaining type B antigen will be type B blood. If the A antigen and B antigen are not obtained, it can only be type O blood.Therefore, the child of the parents of type O blood and B blood may be O -type blood or B blood.

The flexible mind of the type B can buffer the conceptualization of type O, even a little self -proclaimed ideological method, good at handling interpersonal relationships, and sometimes neurotic O -types that can make up for the lack of type B in unrestrained forms and habits, and in interpersonal relationships.

Therefore, the babies born of these two blood types will be very open -minded. This is because of such frankness, so they can always gain the trust of people.

【Type O Blood+AB Blood】

There are two possibilities of children in life of type O blood and AB blood. One is A type A blood, and the other is type B blood. It cannot be type O blood, nor can it be AB blood.

Because human blood types are controlled by their parents’ genetic genes, human antigens of type O blood can only carry O antigen. The human blood type antigen of AB blood can be an A antigen or the B antigen.

If the O antigen and A antigen are together, the child is the blood type A. If the O antigen and the B antigen are together, the child is type B blood, so there are only two possibilities of people in type O blood and AB blood, eitherIt is a type A blood, either B -type blood, which cannot be type O blood, nor can it be AB blood.

Although the children of Types+AB are personalized, they also have the thoughtful side of taking care of others’ emotions. Therefore, they can easily adapt to the environment of the workplace. Because they have the ability to understand each other’s psychology, it is easier to obtain outstanding results in the sales field.

【Type O Blood+O -type blood】

The situation is extremely rare.

Since childhood, it has been influenced by the temperament of type O blood type. Naturally, the advantages and disadvantages of the O -type blood type are originally expressed in the local area. It has the ability to expand the energy and immediately converts the idea into practice.It will play a positive role.

From the time of studying, after entering the society, he dreamed of being the best, and he had a strong strong in the face of any adversity.

Reading extension -how to prepare for a healthy baby?

1. Before preparing for pregnancy, you can do a regular pre -pregnancy examination. After inspection, you can find your own problems. Is there any problem that is not easy to get pregnant? Many people think that there are physical examinations every year. There is no need to perform pre -pregnancy examinations. This idea is wrong.

2. Take a good rest during pregnancy. Do not stay up late. Both husbands and wives should not smoke or drink. Try to avoid eating particularly exciting foods. In addition, it is necessary to exercise properly and enhance physical fitness and maintain a very good attitude.

3. During pregnancy, folic acid needs to be taken to prevent the baby’s neural tube deformity. At the same time, you can take calcium tablets, vitamin E, etc. to make your body reach a more suitable state.

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