I thought I have had an abortion in my life, but I didn’t expect to go to the hospital again


When the doctor asked me when I was abortion last time?How many times?I can’t remember some of them. The last abortion was the year when my daughter was two years old. It was seventeen years since I was two years old. I ca n’t remember the specific time at all.

Seventeen years ago, at that time, because of the family planning policy, my daughter was a superb birth. My daughter was pregnant when I was two years old. At that time, my father -in -law’s gastric cancer died.It was later ligated in order to give my daughter a hukou.I was thinking about ligation, and there was no worry about it in my life. I did not expect that the physical discomfort was getting worse and worse after a few years of ligation, and the left side of the lower abdomen was painful every time I menstruation.

I went to the hospital to check that the fallopian tube was deformed. The fallopian tube on the camera has been twisted like earthworms. It is also a small section and a very serious accumulation.Let the doctor perform the fallopian tube repair surgery, and the body slowly became better.

Later, I thought that I was young and wanted to ask for another child, but I couldn’t do it with a lot of money, but I was still pregnant again when I gave up.Here, this time I didn’t intend to want it. I didn’t expect that after a lapse of more than ten years, I had to go to the hospital to do abortion.

I have miscarriage three times in total. For the first time, I was with my husband for a year. When my work was promoted, we were not married at that time.

The second time was two years before my daughter was born. That was the curettage. The pain was to die. For some time, I was full of resistance to the life of the husband and wife. It felt like that both of them were pregnant.

The third time was the time when my daughter was two years old. Think about these painful experiences. The dual torture of physical and mental life has never been so needed for sex life. I always feel that there is too much trouble in sexual life.It is inevitable that the husband and wife are together. When I think of these, I look forward to a menopamental earlier, so it is a hundred.””

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