I heard that many mothers have had these dreams, and it is allowed

Many mothers have talked about their own dream dreams, dreaming of snakes, flowers, loved ones, etc. Although it is a dream, it is indeed a sign, some are accurate.Unclear things.

Many Baoma has had a few baby dreams below. Have you ever done it?

It is estimated that we have no son’s life. Every time I get pregnant, I dream of snakes, but I have two daughters and three. I have three of them. As soon as I get pregnant, I dream of snakes. We are destined to have no son’s dream.

After my wife was pregnant, one night I dreamed that there were three golden dragons in the sky slowly flying towards my room; two of them were small, two small flying to both sides of the door, and the large flying into the room was hidden.I did n’t see it. Soon my son was born and belonged to the dragon for two thousand years.

My mother said that when she was pregnant, she was in the hospital before production that night, saying that she dreamed of a little girl, very young, called her mother next to my mother’s bed, and then gave birth to me. My mother said that when she was in the hospitalMany people ran away, she could not be vivid, and there were no one around me, just two of us.My mother said that fortunately, the earthquake stopped at that time, otherwise two people had to die in the hospital, saying that I was big. I think I came to report gratitude, and I hope I can have a daughter in the future.

When I was pregnant, I dreamed that a big rooster was that the stupid big chicken pounced on me. I kicked him with my feet.Nowadays, children are 12 years old, with excellent grades, sensible and obedient.Thank you baby for coming to me, and now I have always remembered this dream.

When I was pregnant for more than forty days, I dreamed of it late. I dreamed that everyone in the village flock to invite each other to see the excitement. I also followed. From a distance, I saw a pair of small elephants in the village entrance pond. My mother was taking a bath for the small elephant and saw me see me.Come, Xiaoying left my mother’s rushing towards me and woke up. I thought about it for a day and suddenly realized that I was sure of the twins. In order to prove my dream, I told my husband and colleagues in advance, and then went to the hospital to do it.Once a pregnancy test, it was sure that twins, now my twin daughter is fifteen years old, like flowers.

Moms who have already given birth to baby, what kind of fetal dream have you ever made, is it accurate?

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