I have not been pregnant for half a year of pregnancy. The ovulation period and ovulation day are stupid?Four tricks to teach mothers to get pregnant faster

A fan asked me in the background two days ago, why I have n’t worked in the background for half a year of pregnancy. I understand the situation and I am not old.However, when preparing for pregnancy, it is a safe period, rather than the safety period. I am happy every day … I am happy. The concentration of tossing sperm every day has become lower, and the success rate must be low.

I said that it is best to know the ovulation day, and there is no need to completely take a rest.The ovulation period can work every two days. It is best to know the ovulation day. It is easier to make sperm and eggs meet on the day.

So what is the difference between ovulation and ovulation days?

First, the difference and connection between ovulation and ovulation days.

Although the ovulation period and ovulation day, although only one word is different, the connotation of Chinese characters is profound, which is the difference between the word, but the meaning of the two is completely different.

In simple terms, there is a certain range of ovulation period, and you can understand that it is a line segment.The ovulation day is a point.

What is the connection between the two between them?You can also understand that this point of ovulation day is a point on the line segment during ovulation.

For those who want to succeed in pregnancy, the mother is a period of time when the ovulation period is likely to conceive, and the ovulation day is the day when the egg is excreted, and the two or three days before the ovulation date is the highest chance of conception.

2. How to calculate your ovulation period and ovulation day?

Clarified, after the differences and contact between the two, let’s talk about how to calculate.Although everyone’s menstrual cycle is different and long and short, the ovulation period is relatively fixed.Generally speaking, ovulation days are about 14 to 16 days from the first day of the next day of menstruation.The first five days and four days after the ovulation day lasted about ten days, it was called the ovulation period.

So someone will ask again, how can I understand how to calculate their ovulation and ovulation days?

This is very useful. The most important point is that for couples who want to succeed in pregnancy, the chances of having a baby in the same room during this time are much greater.Of course, some people also find their own safety period by calculating the ovulation and ovulation day to achieve the purpose of contraception.

3. What are the performances during ovulation?

Women who have ovulation may exist. Symptoms of leucorrhea, decreased appetite, dizziness, and increased body temperature increase.Among them, the body temperature is more common and useful, because

In addition to the above method of measuring the date according to the menstrual cycle calculation method, there is also a method for preparation mothers with some less menstrual cycles to prepare for pregnant mothers who are not very regular.

Fourth, the specific method of basic body temperature measurement method

Basic body temperature refers to the body temperature obtained by measuring the body without any exercise after we sleep.And this body temperature is closely related to our ovulation cycle.

There are two measurement curve below, we can see it from it.

1. There is a basic temperature record table for normal ovulation.

2. There is no basic body temperature record table without normal ovulation.

Therefore, in addition to testing the ovulation and ovulation day according to the calculation method, you may wish to buy a thermometer. From tomorrow, you can carefully measure and record your body temperature changes since tomorrow.

Of course, if you feel too troublesome, your mother can also go to the pharmacy to buy a piece of ovulation test paper to start testing one week after menstruation.

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