I have been unsuccessful to read this article on the Internet for half a year.

Some sisters have been successful for one month for pregnancy, and some are not good at pregnancy for half a year. In fact, the sisters have a peaceful mindset. Finding the time of ovulation during ovulation will definitely be pregnant.The sisters who have prepared for pregnancy to take a look at the time of ovulation and the same room, I hope it will be helpful to you.

The sisters who prepare for pregnancy may calculate the AA time from the sky, but they must be accurate until the hour.For example, on the morning of the 5th in the morning on the 5th, and on the 5th at 11 o’clock AA, on the surface, the 5th AA is on the surface, but the difference is nearly 24 hours.I missed it.Therefore, you must calculate that sperm and eggs meet and combine it in 12 hours to get pregnant. This is the most basic condition. Some sisters ask, I have a lot of money during ovulation.It is the above mentioned sperm eggs for more than 12 hours.

How can I meet sperm eggs within 12 hours?

This is to be measured with an ovulation test strip.Take 28 days of menstruation as an example. Generally, the ovulation test strip starts from the 12th day of menstruation. The test paper is particular. Generally, one morning and one in the afternoon, but when you find that the second line gradually becomes deeper,It must be tested every 3 hours. Do not throw the test strips after the test. Write time and compare them together. Use ovulation test strips to test ovulation. Don’t be afraid of waste.

Simply put, three AAs are performed during ovulation, and it is guaranteed to be pregnant!

1. AA once a day from the weak yang to the appearance of the sun, and then continue to test (some sisters ovulate after a few hours after the peak value, for the sake of insurance, first sperm in it).

2. When the strong yang is tested, remember this time, and push it for 12 hours later.Therefore, we must rush to AA before ovulation and let sperm and other eggs. Generally speaking, ovulation should be ovulated in about 24 hours after peak values.It takes 1 hour. When such fresh eggs are excreted, there are already sperm waiting, and the sperm is waiting for a long time, not more than 10 hours, so this time AA is very important.

3. Continue to test until you measure the weak sun to the fast white board, then AA again.Then you can stop the war.Because in general, when the ovulation test strip is about to become a whiteboard, it is when the eggs are just excluded, so the chances of three AA successful pregnancy are extremely high.

Tips for breeding knowledge: This method of AA three times is suitable for everyone. Most sisters are enough for the second and third AA to remove the first time.Now I suddenly feel that the third AA that once thought it was not important is very important.Also based on everyone’s reality.Of course, for the sake of insurance, it is still the best AA three times. Sisters who want to ensure sperm quality are only the second and third time.

I have been unsuccessful for half a year of pregnancy. I insisted on testing the strong yang arrangement. As a result, I was not serious. I did n’t intend to see this article. I found that my previous arrangement was completely wrong.Black soy milk

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