I have been smoking for more than 4 months of pregnancy, will the fetus be deforming?In addition to the inspection of this smoking quitting

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Although everyone understands that smoking is harmful to the body, whether it is curiosity or stress, many people choose to smoke, and many of the smokers are women.

A friend found that she was pregnant a year ago, because I knew she had the habit of smoking and staying up late, so when she told me the news of "accidental pregnancy", I told her that these two bad habits must beTo quit, it will affect the healthy development of the baby.

What should I do if I can’t quit?From the Internet, smoking of pregnant women can cause fetal malformations, and I am really worried.

You ca n’t smoke during pregnancy, even if you smoke during pregnancy.

In fact, just like a friend, after more than four months of pregnancy, the probability of the baby’s deformity is still very large, but how big the specific impact is, you still have to do a four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound.

The four-dimensional ultrasound is done around 24 weeks of pregnancy. It can screen the fetal facial deformity, internal organs, and limb deformity, etc. She is now four months pregnant, that is, 16-18 weeks of pregnancy, I asked her to consult a doctor in advance,The four -dimensional inspection was reserved.

1. Develop fetal malnutrition

There is a ingredient in cigarettes called "Nicotine", which will enter the blood circulation system through the lungs, and the pregnant mother will transport their own blood to the baby to provide nutrition and blood oxygen through expectations.Narrow, slowing the flow of blood.

Once the blood in the uterus is reduced, it means that the "absorbable nutrition source" of the fetus is reduced. The nutrition of the fetus will not keep up, and the fetus will make the fetus "slow development".It’s small. "

In addition, if expectant mothers often smoke or contact second -hand smoke, the umbilical cord blood will contain carcinogenic substances, which means that blood containing carcinogens will be continuously transported into the fetus.Essence

2. Causes fetal hypoxia

When prospective mothers smoke, a large amount of carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide gas will be generated. These "harmful gases" will play a role in the blood circulation through the respiratory system through the lungs into the blood circulation.

Carbon monoxide is very easy to combine with hemoglobin in the blood, so that hemoglobin loses the ability to carry oxygen;

The rise of carbon dioxide concentration in the blood is often accompanied by the decrease in oxygen concentration, which means that the blood volume of the fetus absorbing oxygen is reduced, and in this environment, the fetus is very likely to lack oxygen.

For example:

When we are healthy and healthy young people, when carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide poisoning, we can cause hypoxia and suffocation in the body. It can seriously damage tissue cells and harm the cerebral cortex the worst.

So for fetuses that are still developing in the mother’s body, the consequences of hypoxia will only be more serious, affecting the development of the fetus, especially the intellectual development.

3. Causes the fetal intelligence to develop slowly

Studies have shown that the fetal hypoxia caused by smoking and harmful substances in cigarettes will directly affect the fetal brain development.

If the prospective mother smokes more than 20 daily during pregnancy, the intellectual level of the fetus will be significantly lower than the peers after birth, and it will even cause the fetal face or oral development.

Cigarettes contain a large amount of harmful substances. The adverse effects of smoking on the human body are increased as the amount of absorption increases. Because the fetus has no resistance, the expectant mothers will continue to smoke during pregnancy.The harm is more great.

Therefore, for the health of the fetus and the health of the baby after birth, female friends must quit smoking during preparation and pregnancy, and also refuse second -hand smoke.

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