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Brother Xian: You can’t drink beer and you can’t eat ice cream.Do n’t drink milk tea. As soon as the almonds buy, do n’t eat it for a while.Yang Xiaomi: I ate two.Carbonated drinks.My little Yi Cola is all mine.When did I drink it?Didn’t drink?Snail powder, jackfruit, hawthorn, instant noodles, garlic.Hot pot, cake, lamb skewers, rice dumplings are eaten.After these two days, they only eat that time when they eat occasionally.What else is there?Drink in the morning.Drink soy milk every day, pour water to drink; when Mei, the small screen all makes you eat it.A whole egg, don’t eat the whole egg, don’t you do it every day?You can drink water in the future.Vinegar skin, barbecue, shrimp skin, lactic acid bacteria drink.What UEC?I just bought it for me.Isn’t that?Isn’t that not allowed to eat this?Happy fruit supermarkets sneaked to eat two, couldn’t eat, spit out for a while.Salted eggs eat.You have a ham sausage, and you still remember the saline sausage, don’t eat it.What else?I just finished eating a pot just at night.I can’t eat anything, let the noodles stew the hot pot.What else is the pork bone?What else is the eight treasure porridge.Dad said that I do n’t eat sausage, and the sausages do n’t eat much. The sausages and ham sausages cannot be eaten.Sweet shrimp and sweet shrimp also told me deliciously, and then I wanted to eat in the cold noodles.Is that sweet shrimp?That’s sweet shrimp, also called ice shrimp.So where is it?Then eat that one.I also want to buy it for you, I can’t eat crab yellow, I also say that the crab is delicious.Isn’t it crab yellow?This means that Huang eats it for her husband. Do you give you a clear meat?You want to eat yellow.What is the stir -fried peanut rice?Can’t you eat that?He didn’t give it.Who knows the reason?Don’t you let the soda biscuits be eaten?Isn’t it that soda biscuits? You are not willing to eat it, don’t you eat it, reduce the uncomfortable flower of flower armor?Half sugar, fans.The concubine smiled lychee, the crispy sugar just bought, huh, I couldn’t eat it for me half a catty.That means that you all eat all?Chili sauce, spiced melon seeds, tuna, meat buns, and oil cannot be eaten; meat buns cannot be vegetarian.Isn’t this vegetarian dumplings today?Watermelon juice.This is fine in summer, less pickles.Can’t eat after mustard?What else can I eat?In the future, I will not put salt when cooking, simply noodles.Pickled pepper and phoenix claws, the spicy chicken feet downstairs kept me.Other.Noodles, grilled intestines, fruit milk, peanuts, and milk are not good.sugar cane.What is the taro circle?Taro is the small Bobo milk tea. Yes, you ca n’t eat ice black tea and cold noodles. Did you listen?What else can I eat?Eat rice soaked in water when it is abolished.Donkey Fire Donkey Fire Burning includes rolling. Do you have to buy it and roll it for me?You bought and rolled.What does the donkey burning have anything to do with rolling? Isn’t that a donkey rolling?Is this a donkey?Is this a donkey?This is a donkey fire, that is the donkey rolling.How can I perform a canned pink can not eat.You can’t eat white sugar.Ducks, cold noodles, apple juice, and milk slices are all pots, and they are easy to eat.Nothing to eat, can’t eat anything?Almond Lu, hawthorn juice, fry the neck anyway.

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