I found that I am pregnant, vomiting, emotionalization and other symptoms are related to your pregnancy

The menstruation has been postponed for a week, and I tested it with a bit of pregnancy. It is amazing that the two red bars are.I show it to my husband, my husband was very excited but pretended to be calm, and he didn’t even dare to believe it.

In the past month, I did not have any discomfort, tired, vomiting and other symptoms.When I learned that I might be pregnant, more psychological fluctuations.I started to be careful, try to stay in front of the computer as much as possible, try to go home early without overtime, and try not to eat outside and cook by myself.The joy and contradiction in my heart, worried that the baby will have no fetal heart.

When I was around 50 days of pregnancy, I went to the hospital for examination.In the end, the hospital was determined to be pregnant and had fetal heart.

From the day when I got the checklist, I always feel nauseous, but it is not serious. It seems more psychological factors.Because the pregnancy scene in the TV series is inevitable with vomiting.following.It was my rice volume began to increase. I used to eat only a small bowl of rice in the past. I can eat two steamed buns in one meal.

I started to ask the precautions and symptoms of pregnant people, but everyone was different!

Xiaomei said that she had just spit baldness when she was pregnant, and she couldn’t eat anything.

Xiaohua said that she was just pregnant and angry, and became extremely easy to get tired. She always loved to sleep and frequent urination.

Xiaoxia said that she didn’t feel anything and couldn’t feel the mother.

Pregnancy seems to be contagious. After 3 months after I was pregnant, three colleagues in my pregnancy were also pregnant at the same time, one of which was 40 years old.Their reactions are also different.

Judging from the symptoms of these people, the emotional and physiological changes when they are pregnant are: emotional or happy or incredible or incredible or confused or emotional; and physiological symptoms are fatigue, nausea, vomiting, and vomiting., Menstruation does not come, determine that there are a small amount of bleeding in the vagina after pregnancy, changes in taste, coolness, frequent urination, etc.

I found that emotional and physiological symptoms have a lot to do with the timing of pregnancy.An accidental pregnancy person is more emotional after learning of pregnancy, which is more conflict and doubt, and there will be more symptoms such as physical vomiting and other discomfort.The planned pregnancy is much better.

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