I feel tired during pregnancy, be vigilant, and the consequences are unimaginable!

A three -month -old pregnant woman in my community has met the baby several times. She is beautiful and kind. Talking about it is the very gentle lady. She told me that since she was pregnant, she has always felt particularly tired and always sleepy.In addition, she is a nurse of obstetrics. She is very busy with her daily work. As an angel of obstetrics, serving every pregnant mother is naturally the top priority in her heart.Although I am three months pregnant, it is still high -intensity for a long time.

I admire, like the angels in white, and tell my wife to be a doctor when I go home. I will respect the profession of doctor in the future.

Just two days ago, I learned from the mouth of another mother that the pregnant woman accidentally gave the patient an wrong medicine when she lost a bit of a mother in an obstetric.Instead of saying, it is still facing huge compensation.I suddenly thought that she told me that she felt tired. At that time, I only felt that tiredness during pregnancy was a normal physiological reaction, but I didn’t care, but I ignored the background of her responsible white angel of white clothes.

I feel that there is no trivial matter during pregnancy, which is really correct.There are many risks of tiredness during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers must understand!

The first is the increase in the risk of accidents.When pregnant women are exhausted, they are more likely to make mistakes and accidents, such as falling or car accidents.This is particularly dangerous in the later stages of pregnancy, at this time the baby is large and the center of gravity has been transferred.A foreign study found that fatigue pregnant women have higher risk of car accidents compared to unwilling pregnant women.

Secondly, fatigue during pregnancy affects mental health.When pregnant women often feel tired, they will cause depression and anxiety, and the decline in motivation to participate in daily activities.This also affects the ability of mother to establish a benign relationship with the baby, leading to a series of negative results after birth.

Finally, we must be vigilant that fatigue during pregnancy may be a sign of more serious diseases such as anemia, hypothyroidism, or gestational diabetes.If not treated in time, these situations will be dangerous to mothers and babies.For example, gestational diabetes can lead to huge children (greater than ordinary infants), which will increase the risk of cesarean section.

For pregnant women, it is important to give priority to rest and self -care to reduce fatigue during pregnancy.Sleeping during the day, exercise regularly, and balanced diet.

1. Full rest

To deal with fatigue during pregnancy, of course, it is necessary to rest.Sleep for 7-8 hours a night. If you need it, you can sleep during the day.

2. Healthy diet

A healthy and balanced diet can help you feel more energetic during pregnancy.Add appropriate fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean protein to your diet.

3. regular exercise

Regular exercise helps improve the energy level during pregnancy.Take at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. For details, please refer to other notes in my homepage.

4. Rest rest

When you feel tired, don’t be afraid to stop the work in your hands to rest.If conditions permit, you can take a nap for a while.

5. Be a queen

When you feel tired, ask your partner, family or friends to seek housework or other mights that may be tired.

6. Management pressure

Stress can cause fatigue during pregnancy.Take measures to manage stress, such as practicing relaxation skills such as deep breathing or meditation.

7. Find a doctor for help

If you feel extremely fatigue, or fatigue affects your daily work ability, hurry up and find a doctor.They will help you check any potential situation that may cause fatigue.

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