I do n’t want to eat meat when I am pregnant. My mother -in -law said that I am coquettish. Do n’t eat meat affect the growth and development of children?

I just got pregnant for more than 2 months and returned to my in -laws’ New Year. Because I didn’t want to eat meat, my mother -in -law said that I am a mother. I ca n’t be so delicate.In fact, I love to eat meat before pregnancy. I don’t want to eat meat after pregnancy, and I am not comfortable to eat it. What is the reason?My mother -in -law is very good. I always hope that I can eat more nutrition, but I ca n’t eat it. I can only say that I do n’t have this blessing.Is it really not good for children not to eat meat?

Because the pregnant mother’s constitution is different, the early pregnancy reactions are different.Some pregnant mothers have a mild response early pregnancy, which may be a little disgusting when brushing their teeth or a little disgusting when they get up early; some pregnant mothers may not have any response, they are particularly uncomfortable, and the appetite is uncomfortable; there are also pregnant mothers.When you see the meat, you are disgusting, and you eat very light every day. Even the shallots in the stir -frying pot cannot be smelled. Other pregnant mothers are also particularly sensitive to odor. In fact, this is a particularly normal response in the early pregnancy.

Under the influence of hormones during pregnancy, the taste of many expectant mothers has changed a lot. She likes to eat meat before pregnancy, and suddenly does not like to eat after pregnancy.I ca n’t smell it. I can only eat fruits every day. I thought of a certain kind of food a while ago. I especially wanted to eat it. I suddenly did n’t want to eat it when I saw it.In fact, the pregnant mother is really not intentional. This is a matter of mischief. Generally, it is much better after the fourth month.However, some pregnant mothers’ picky of certain foods will run through the entire pregnancy.

Meat foods mainly provide nutrients such as protein, amino acids, cellulose, calcium, iron, and potassium. They do not eat meat. The body is prone to lack of nutrients such as protein, fat, and minerals.Protein is the cornerstone of life. Amino acids, calcium, etc. can promote the growth and development of the nervous system, muscle, bones, tissue organs, etc. of the fetus, and the impact is still very large.

In the early pregnancy, because the fetal nutritional elements still have fewer nutritional elements, the diet of pregnant mothers can still meet the needs of the body and fetus.In the middle and late stages, with the needs of fetal growth and development, if pregnant mothers eat meat, it will definitely affect the growth and development of the fetus.Pregnant mothers who do not eat meat during pregnancy are more prone to anemia and malnutrition.If you do n’t eat meat, you must pay attention to eggs and milk intake (do not drink milk at the same time, eat eggs at the same time, which can easily affect the absorption of iron elements and can staggered time).If pregnant mothers can’t eat beef and mutton, pork, poultry meat, you can try fish, such as tuna, sardines, catfish, yellow flowers, catfish and other foods rich in DHA.DHA is an important part of the fetal cerebral nerve cell membrane and retinal cells, which plays an important role in the intellectual and visual development of the fetus.

About 60%of pregnant mothers will experience nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. At this time, you can adjust your diet, eat foods that are easy to digest, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less meals, eat lightly, eat less greasy food, etc.Generally, after 12 weeks of pregnancy, it will slowly relieve disappearance.If vomiting is obvious, you can also take vitamin B6 and vitamin B1 to relieve pregnancy.If the pregnancy vomiting is severe, the pregnant mother cannot eat, and vomiting will occur when eating. Go to the hospital for infusion treatment in time to prevent dehydration from affecting the health of the body.

The most ideal dietary state during pregnancy is the matching of vegetarian vegetarian food, rich food types, and reasonable dietary structure.In the early pregnancy, there is a normal response during pregnancy. At this stage, the fetus needs very little nutrition. Generally, it will not affect the fetus without eating meat. Eat eggs and drink milk can fully meet the body’s needs for nutrition.Not eating meat for a long time is not conducive to the health of pregnant mothers and babies.

Facing the pregnancy response during pregnancy and changes in the taste, the family must also give understanding, and in terms of cooking methods, you can also use the method of pregnant mothers like it.For example, some pregnant mothers do not like to eat stewed meat, but they can be accepted for the stuffing of meat and vegetables, and they can be made into stuffing and wrap them into dumplings and buns.At the same time, pregnant mothers must also overcome the reaction during pregnancy with a positive attitude, exercise appropriately, keep their mood relaxed, and transfer their attention, which will get better and better.

Xiaoyu’s mother is a senior national childcare teacher. She has ten years of mother -to -child care experience, preschool education, and multi -network platform writing.Pay attention to the health of the mother and the growth of the baby, but also the second mother, we are together on the road of parenting!Thank you for reading and attention!

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