I can’t sleep at night after pregnancy. Try these 8 tips to make you feel at dawn

During pregnancy, many women will ask themselves a question: "I have never insomnia, but why can’t I sleep now?" Indeed, suffering from the physical weight of the body and the surge in hormone levels. Specific mothers are more likely to be more vulnerable than ordinary people.Discovery of insomnia.Mastering the 8 tips below can make you sleep more well.

First, at least one hour before going to bed, turn off the phone and quit the electronic screen.Too much watching mobile phones and tablets before going to bed will affect the quality of falling asleep and sleep.Because the light on the electronic screen will affect the people’s sleepiness and inhibit the secretion of melatonin, and melatonin can regulate the biological clock in the human body and help form the sleep cycle.On the contrary, if you develop reading habits before going to bed, it can help better enter sleep.

Second, do more exercise during the day.Doing appropriate exercise during the day can consume your extra energy and feel tired when you sleep at night, which can help enter sleep as soon as possible and improve sleep quality.

Third, try to stay away from coffee, strong tea, etc.If the expectant mothers are troubled by insomnia, try not to let themselves enter a state of excitement, and caffeine can make people in a state of excitement in the next 6 hours, as well as sugar.chocolate.

Fourth, make dinner early, and eat snacks before going to bed.In fact, you still have to eat and eat less and make dinner ahead, so you can avoid eating too much at night and it is difficult to fall asleep.But at the same time, you must prevent it from being too hungry before going to bed. Therefore, eating some snacks properly before going to bed can prevent being hungry in the middle of the night. For example, warm milk is a good choice.And if you have a heartburn in the middle of the night, you can also eat a little cheese and biscuits.

Fifth, after 6 pm, drink as little water as possible.In general, because the uterus’s squeezing the bladder, the prospective mother needs to frequently go to the bathroom. If you drink too much water before going to bed, it will often cause more wake -up.Therefore, try to control the intake of drinking water after 6 pm, and only need to ensure enough water during the day.

Sixth, cultivate yourself a sense of bedtime ritual.Forming a pre -bed ceremony is not only useful to children, but also helps adults fall asleep at night.You can try some relaxing activities after dinner and do it with a comfortable rhythm.For example, read a relaxed book or TV, listen to the calm music, do stretching or yoga, take a hot bath, massage the back, etc.

Seventh, to ensure the comfort of sleeping, how many pillows are not too much.During pregnancy, you can use a pillow to support your body at any time, and if you have a pregnant woman’s pillow that suits you, it can effectively improve the quality of sleep.

Eighth, if you can’t sleep, don’t try to let yourself fall asleep.Always over and over in bed, it is better to get up and read the book, listen to music, and let yourself relax.Because the stress that can’t sleep can make you fall asleep.

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