I am pregnant, my boyfriend does not want, and said: No money!

You can never wake up a person who pretend to sleep.

A friend who did not contact yesterday for a long time suddenly called me, because she sounded crying, and I didn’t hang up.

As usual, I said a few words, and finally went straight to the theme and wanted to ask me to borrow money and say that I was going to be people.

Me: "How about your boyfriend, do he care about you?"

Friend: "He said that everything was not ready, and wanted to wait for two years to make money before remarried."

Me: "How can I make money?"

Classmate: "He now has only 6,000 wages, and feels that the family burden is heavy. In the future

Me: "Six thousand are not less, how do you have any money for surgery?"

Friend: "He said that money was lent at home, and the rest was lent to friends …"

Thirty men, even your girlfriend’s surgery must be borrowed by you, what else do you have to wait for?Girl, you wake up, it’s dawn!Stop dreaming.

But my friend said, "There are no other problems except this. He said that after the operation, I took me back to see his parents."

There is also a classmate who has been with her boyfriend for two years, rarely received gifts, and only received some small things.

This year’s Valentine’s Day, the classmates finally cheekily, and took the initiative to propose to want a YSL lipstick.

After listening to the boyfriend, he rejected: "Valentine’s Day is a festival for foreigners.

Three hundred yuan, you ca n’t buy a car, you ca n’t buy a house, you ca n’t buy losses and be fooled, but you can make your girlfriend happy.Do you want you to buy it every day? Is it too much to buy lipstick together for two years?It can only be explained that in his heart, either you are not worth even three hundred yuan, or you have no poverty.Such people, regardless of Tanabata?

But after the classmates accused the complaint, they also made up: "He just has a little bit, the others are very good to me, and take care of me."

Once a meal, colleagues were accidentally allergic, and their necks were full of rashes.

We dare not delay. I called her boyfriend in the emergency department. The other party was full of concern: "Is it strict? Is it serious? Did you prescribe the medicine?

Well, this man sounds quite reliable.

But when we told my colleagues’ symptoms that had been eased and was injection, my boyfriend immediately breathed a breath: "Then I will not pass first. I asked friends to eat at night.

What do you mean?So, isn’t it necessary to visit and accompany the disease?Is your girlfriend you or us?Is it enough to take care of us in the hospital?If you do n’t make an appointment one day, you will die if you eat less meals, right?

But the colleague helped him to speak: "He is actually very attentive to me, or a big boy, and he doesn’t care about it."

I went to the forum that day and saw such a post.In summary, this is the case.

"My boyfriend is very irritable. We often quarreled, moved a few times, and finally kneeling on the ground begging me for forgiveness. I will return to him. Yesterday I went out with my good friends to dinner.With someone outside, we argued. He suddenly rushed to give me a slap, scolding me a bitch while fighting … "

Your parents raised you so much, and they were afraid of it in their hands.You have grown up now, find a boyfriend, do n’t eat his rice, do n’t drink his water, maybe his wifi you buy money, and now he still wants to be beaten by him?I’m afraid you will lose wisdom.

But the girl attached a sentence at the end: "In addition to the bad temperament, my boyfriend loves me very much. Should I forgive him?"

As the saying goes: "You can’t live by yourself", or "Poor people must have hate."

The ancients did not bully me.

I know that I can never wake up a person who pretend to sleep.

Still wash and sleep.

Gossip, since your boyfriend is so good, I wish you happiness, white head!


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