I am pregnant, I have no pregnancy, am I pregnant with a fake pregnancy?

To many people, women must have pregnancy after pregnancy, because almost every woman will have vomiting symptoms of vomiting after pregnancy.But some women do not vomit after pregnancy. Instead, everyone is worried. Is there no normal pregnancy in early pregnancy?

Is it normal to have no pregnancy in the early stages of pregnancy?

The pregnancy reaction is the initial life signal sent by the fetus to the mother. Because of its obvious response, the pregnancy vomiting is often used as a representative characteristics of the pregnancy reaction. In addition, breast tenderness, increased gastric acid, and loss of appetite are also some characteristic performance of pregnancy reactions.Under normal circumstances, pregnancy reactions start at 6 weeks of pregnancy, and the reaction is the most intense in 8 to 10 weeks of pregnancy.Due to the individual differences of pregnant women, some of the pregnancy reaction is still pregnant at 20 weeks of pregnancy, and some of the entire pregnancy reaction has not occurred.

It is normal to have no vomiting, because the physique of each pregnant woman is different. It may be that the pregnancy response has not really begun, or the pregnant woman may not have strong vomiting at all.

One reason is that the pregnant mother’s adaptation function is good: in fact, this should be a good thing. Pregnancy is a pregnancy reaction. Because the mother cannot adapt to the growth of progesterone, pregnancy will occur;If the mothers do not have pregnancy, it means that the mother’s adaptation function is better, and it can fully absorb nutrients and is conducive to the growth and development of the fetus.

Of course, do n’t be happy too early without pregnancy, and there may be pregnancy back: because the physical fitness of our mother ’s body is also growing, if the physique of pregnant mothers continues to decline, the physical fitness of the pregnant mothers continues to decline, and the physical fitness of the pregnant mothers continues to decline, and the physical fitness of the pregnant mothers continues to decline, and the physique of the pregnant mothers continues to decline, and the physical fitness of the pregnant mothers continues to decline, and the physical fitness of the pregnant mothers continues to decline.This will also lead to the emergence of pregnancy. In addition, pregnant mothers should also consume nutrients on time during pregnancy, because this is a critical thing. Pregnant mothers should not neglect.

There is another reason without pregnancy: pregnant women with low hormone levels have less pregnancy reactions or no.Of course, babies born of mothers who do not react in pregnancy are also healthy. At present, there are no specific cases in clinical cases that the baby’s health is related to the pregnancy reaction.As long as there is no redness or brown secretion of the lower body during pregnancy, the symptoms of pain and unbearable pain generally will generally not affect the health and normal development of the fetus.

How to reduce pregnancy discomfort

In the early days of women’s pregnancy, basically every pregnant woman will have some discomforts, such as nausea, vomiting, greasy greasy, choosing sour food, full upper abdomen, and constipation.The symptoms of early pregnancy reactions can be reduced by the following methods.

1. Keep your mood comfortable.You can divert your attention, relax, and usually visit the park, watch flowers to enjoy the scenery to reduce the symptoms of pregnancy.

2. Pay attention to the matching of diet. It is mainly based on light taste. You can eat and eat less daily, and you can eat more fruits, vegetables, milk, soup.

3. Reduce pressure, some pregnant mothers may consider more, and give themselves too much psychological pressure

4. Strengthen the exercise of pre -pregnancy physical fitness, because people with poor constitution will change slightly because of a little change, and they will get sick because they are not adapted.

V pregnant treasure action faction

Dear pregnant mothers, as long as they do the birth check -up during pregnancy, they are relaxed, rational, diet, and reasonable diet. Even if there is no pregnancy reaction, the fetus can grow healthily.

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