I am pregnant, give you these 7 small signals, but don’t miss it

When you are pregnant, many people are delayed through the aunt, and the early pregnancy test paper tests the news of pregnancy.In fact, since you were a child, your body has sent you a signal at the moment when your body is successful.

Below, please take everyone to see the small signals that appear after pregnancy after pregnancy:

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In this case, the bridge section of pregnancy is very common in television. Most people also guessed that they might win through this reaction.

After the baby settle in the mother’s body, the progesterone in the pregnant mother’s body will rise, which will stimulate the gastrointestinal and intestines.These are normal. This is a kind of self -protection of the baby, reminding pregnant mothers that some odors have harmful to me and stay away.

After the fertilized eggs, progestin began to stimulate the breast development of the prospective mummy, preparing for the lactation after childbirth in advance.Pregnant mothers will feel the swelling of the chest, faint pain, and some pregnant mothers are very light, so that they are often ignored.

After pregnancy, most pregnant mothers will have a sleepy phenomenon. If you think that this is because he hasn’t slept recently, it is wrong.I have asked a lot of pregnant mothers that they will have more or less lethargy in the early days of pregnancy. They feel that they do n’t sleep enough, but most people do n’t think about it.

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will have weakness, and everything is listless.Some pregnant mothers will be too tired recently.There are even some pregnant mothers who start taking medicine to prevent colds.

After pregnancy, under the stimulation of hormones, the gastrointestinal function of the pregnant mother will decrease a lot, so there will be excessive gastric acid and constipation.If your stomach is not very good before, then this situation will be mistakenly thought that it is a recent diet, and few people will think that this is caused by pregnancy.

When I was pregnant with Dabao, I was very serious, so when I suddenly had these two situations at the same time, I realized that there might be a problem, so I accidentally ushered in the cute Erbao.

After the fertilized egg settled in the mother’s body, under the influence of hormones, some pregnant mothers will have the feeling similar to the aunt before coming: the lower abdomen swelling may also have bed bleeding.

Compared with menstruation, this kind of bed bleeding is small, dark in color, and short time, which is easier to distinguish.Some pregnant mothers do not have this feeling, so the signal of the lower abdomen swelling is easily overlooked.

Suddenly always go to the toilet?Obviously drinking much water recently?

This happens because your uterus is growing quietly and compressing the bladder.This is also a small signal that the baby gives you.

After pregnancy, many small signals will remind the pregnant mother: The baby is settled in your belly, but many people can not understand it, and even mislead the pregnant mother. Is it sick?Do you need to take medicine?If you take medicine at this time, you may affect the health of the fetus. Therefore, if you are preparing for pregnancy, if you have experience in the same room, you need to learn some related knowledge. In this way, you can achieve the purpose of eugenics.

I am a happy childcare, experienced Erbao mother, welcome to follow, share more childcare knowledge to share with you, so that you are not confused on your childhood childcare road

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