I am pregnant, but my husband suspects that the child in the belly is not him

(Emotional consultation case, Hexiang answers the original work in his heart, it has nothing to do with the picture and text)

Netizen WeChat Consultation: I was a nursing in a three -hospital hospital. Last year, I met my husband through a marriage website.He worked at a foreign trade company, and when he met three months, his parents urged us to get married.His family conditions are very good. There are two paves and two houses. My family is also very optimistic about us. It is very approved for his proposal to make marriage.

After marriage, I found that my husband had opinions on the night shift of me. At first, I explained to him that this was the regulations of the hospital, and I had to abide by it.Later, he always asked me to resign home, saying that the hospital’s work was not high, and it was better to go home to open a small shop by himself.

Being a nurse is my dream since I was a child, and I definitely don’t want to.Seeing that I didn’t agree, he always had the Cold War with me, and sometimes didn’t say a word for a month.

One day more than two months later, I suddenly felt dazzling, burnout, and always wanted to vomit.I felt that I was pregnant and hurried to the B -ultrasound room for examination to determine that I was pregnant for nearly a month.On the same day, I told my husband this good news that he had no expected excitement and asked coldly. You mixed with the male doctors of your department all day to determine that the child was mine?

After hearing this, I suddenly understood that my husband had never trusted me!At first I forced me to resign, and I didn’t recognize my children until now. It turned out that I had an improper relationship with my colleagues.

I couldn’t stand my husband’s doubt about me, and moved to the unit dormitory that day.Later, my husband came to pick me back and I didn’t agree. A few days ago, my father -in -law came to recognize her wrong and advised me to move home.I didn’t promise my mother -in -law. I was aggrieved to talk to my husband after the marriage.I told my mother -in -law that now I am not confident to continue to live with my husband. I am not ready to divorce this child and want to divorce my husband.After listening to my words, my mother -in -law rushed to tears, crying, begging me not to kill the child. My husband cares too much about me.Let me consider clearly.

I am also hesitant now, and I can’t bear to kill the children.But there is no trust in marriage, I really don’t know if they should divorce?

He Xiang replied: You and your husband met on the wedding website. After three months of getting along, his parents urged you to get married.You and your parents also agree that it is not based on love, but because of the superior material conditions of three houses and two houses in his house.What you see is only the appearance, but I don’t know what kind of person her husband is?

After marriage, you found that he was so careful, and he didn’t trust you at all!From interfering with your job to suspecting your child in your belly, from quarrel to the Cold War to forcing you to run away from home, your life is simply unable to live!

My mother -in -law admits to you for your husband and do your ideological work to let you go home.She said that because her son cares too much about you, he will be nonsense.Love someone, is it doubtful and delusional?

Without trust, a marriage building cannot be established.You do n’t know each other, which one without emotions?At the beginning, what you saw was only the material conditions of his family, just like what he saw was just on duty at night, neither you could not see each other’s character and heart.

Children have a life, please respect TA’s right to life.As for marriage, you now find that the trust, mutual trust and feelings of each other are much more important than external conditions.Under adherence to your principles, he uses tolerance to dilute his paranoia and doubt.

Go home, give birth to a child firmly, and love the child firmly.You and your child’s family and feelings are not influenced by the man who slander you.

He will eventually love you and your children firmly.

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