I am pregnant, but my husband insists that he does not want this child. Who should I hear with his girlfriend?

My name is Du Chunyan. I was 38 years old. My ex -husband died unfortunately when working at the construction site 3 years ago, and the construction site compensated 1 million.Because there is a 10 -year -old daughter, I can only accept the money and no longer litigation with them.

After the death of my husband, because 1 million was hit in my card, the father -in -law and mother -in -law used all kinds of methods to fight for this money to make our mother and daughter be so peaceful. In the end, I took 500,000 to my father -in -law.The remaining 500,000 I bought a suite in the name of my daughter, and moved out with my daughter to completely break with her in -laws.

My neighbor is Gao Cunxiao. He is the owner of a 41 -year -old farmer wholesale company. I moved to the new home for half a year and I was slowly familiar with him. He always helped me often.After chatting, he learned that his wife left the world 8 years ago, and he did not marry his son again.

After half a year, he suddenly confessed to me while eating at my house. He said, "Chunyan, in fact, I really helped you since the beginning, but I found that I gradually fell in love with you. Originally, I was me.I want to bury it in my heart like this. Today I can’t help it. I must confess to you through this opportunity. Are you willing to be with me? "

After listening to him, I blushed. In fact, I also had a good opinion of him, but I never thought of remarried.I said, "Let me think about it, I will discuss with my daughter."It was more happy to see that I did not refuse him directly.He said, "Then I’ll go back first, I’ll wait for you to answer."

I told my daughter that night that night I thought about it. I thought that my daughter would disagree. I didn’t expect my daughter to say, "Mom, you are young, and we can be kicked out by grandparents. I agree that you can find againOne, especially when Uncle Gao often helps our house, I also look at it. If you change to others, I may still be opposed, but Uncle Gao is a good person. I also hope that my mother can be with him. "After listening to my daughter’s wordsI also let go of my concerns.

The next day, Gao Qixiao came again. I said to him, "I think about it. I am willing to be with you. I hope you will not disappoint me." After 5 months of getting along with Gao Cunxiao, I got married.On the day of marriage, he said, "I will take good care of you and love you in the future."

Half a month ago, because my menstrual period was postponed for a long time, I bought a pregnancy test paper, and I found that I was pregnant.I went to the hospital to check again. I was pregnant, and I immediately told Gao Qixiao about the good news.

But I didn’t expect his words to pour on my head like a basin of cold water. He said, "Xiaoyan, I don’t think we want to regenerate at this age, just as good as it is now, and you are older.It is not safe to have children. "I originally thought that he should be very excited, but he didn’t want this child.Under my persistence, he also said, "If you have to have to be this child, then I can only stop with you. I have my hard work and hope that you can understand it."

I was full of disappointment with him. I didn’t expect him to be such an irresponsible person. He saw me ignoring him for a few days and said, "Xiaoyan, in fact, I really want this child, but when we got marriedI do n’t agree. If there are children now, they will definitely make trouble. For the happiness of our two, we ca n’t ask for this child. I also think about our happiness. ”I suddenly realized that I was wrong.He, it turned out that he had been thinking about our happiness, and I was moved by him, and promised him not to want this child.

When I was going to go to the hospital to kill the child, one of my sisters came to my house. She heard me finished it. She said, "This child can’t fight, he must be afraid that you have a child and his current two now.A child competes for a family property. In this case, his son and daughter will definitely ignore him when he is old, so he asked you to hit this child.If there is no child, his son and daughter will definitely not be able to raise you. The daughter you bring is not that he will not get any inheritance. "

After listening to my sisters, I was shocked. Who should I believe, should this child stay?

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