I am pregnant again at the age of 45. I have the heart that I want to die. My husband actually said that I wanted me to give birth. Is it terrible?

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When I saw the pregnancy test results this morning, I really wanted to scold his mother. Is God joking with me?I am pregnant again at this age.

When I was pregnant four years ago, I was 41 years old at that time. In order to ask for a child, I spent more than 100,000 before and after. From the age of 35 to the age of 41, in the past 8 years, I spent too much energy to spend too much energyAfter so much money, I was exhausted, and then there was a child and bringing a child. I saw that the child was going to read the kindergarten in the second half of the year. I did n’t expect that this came again.When you want it, you will come.

As soon as my husband heard me said that when I was pregnant, I said that I was born. I really want to yell at him. Do n’t you know what the situation in my family?Before, Xiaobao had a house, car, and deposit.Now facing the tuition of his daughter’s college, Xiaobao’s kindergarten tuition, he actually said that he wanted me to be born, and I wanted to die, and he was still advising me.

Seeing that I do n’t want to die, he murmured and said that I was so ruthless. I said that if you have two million deposits, I will give birth.I really brought me into depression with Xiaobao. The child was energetic. As long as he was awake, it was quiet. One was not noticed.Look at the child a headache.

I said that bringing children so tired, so annoying, regeneration is to find themselves uncomfortable. He said that when you were pregnant with Xiaobao last time, the reaction during pregnancy was so great. I didn’t see you any reaction this time.How good!Has his sister didn’t bring it well when he was a child?

I really want to hit him a few palms. Where is the growth of a child so simple? Even if it is big, I have to go to school to study, and it costs a lot of money later.It is already impossible to stand up to such a thing. It ’s irresponsible to the child. We do n’t have the ability to make money before the child grows up. I ca n’t worry about one Xiaobao. He still wants to ask for another one.

Think of that doctor is not reliable, did you say that the fallopian tubes on one side were not through, and one side was unobstructed?Didn’t you say that I still have polycysts?Didn’t it mean that my pelvic adhesion is severe difficult to get pregnant?I asked me to do IVF, and said that the chance of self -heating and conception was extremely low. As a result, I was pregnant with Xiaobao. When I caesareted section, the doctor asked me if I would be ligated. I rejected it.I went to the hospital for surgery to resume. At that time, the doctor said that fortunately I went to treat it, otherwise it would be cancerous after a long time. I was afraid that the stagnant water would not be ligated again.

The doctor said that it was difficult for me to be pregnant without ligation, and there was nothing to do without tie, because the fallopian tubes on one side were basically useless, and the other side was not very good.Now Xiaobao is three years old. He has not been contraceptive over the years, and his husband and wife life is not very frequent. I do n’t know what happened now. Now I am pregnant again. I want to cry without tears when I look at the pregnancy test stick.

I went to the hospital this afternoon to ask, more than 2,000 yuan for abortion surgery, ready to flow tomorrow, so it is good for everyone, but I will suffer again.

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