I am not pregnant, sisters

During this period, sisters said that I was pregnant?There are no pregnant sisters, but they are just gaining weight. They used to have only one hundred pounds before, and now it is 150 pounds.I only ate a banana this morning, and I didn’t eat other things; I didn’t eat yesterday morning; I ate a little at noon yesterday, and then didn’t eat at night.I want to lose weight, is there any good way to lose weight quickly, and can’t hurt health?Yes, help out.

Really, I ca n’t wear a lot of clothes. Look at this meat, do n’t you see it?This clothes are barely able to wear, and many clothes can not be worn.Because it was not a company that was not opened before this time?The company that opens can only sell shampoo, and other things cannot be sold.The company that is now reopened is the two companies that are now opened. In the future, it can be sold on clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics or anything.

Slowly choose the product and sell it after choosing it. Now the lipstick is being selected. After choosing the lipstick, it may be sold after a while. You can choose what else you have chosen and eat.There is no culture.I have n’t been in school since I was a child. I know that my old powder should be the iron powder with a long time. I should know that I have n’t been in school since I was a child. Because of the situation at home, my parents are sick, and the conditions at home are not good.But I just played live on this hair. This year is the sixth year. It is also the sisters of wheat performance.

But thank all the family’s support for me. Without everyone, I couldn’t walk until now, I am a person who knows how to be grateful.Sisters, if you want to learn to play live broadcast, search online, such as searching for cosmetics if you want to sell cosmetics.How do you introduce cosmetics? You can introduce it every day. Follow him every day. First learn makeup first, and learn to introduce products slowly in the future.

The cosmetics are like my skin is not good. This is the one on the neck, and it will be like this after we get fat.The neck is like this. If you are old, you will be old, and you will not get married anyway?

I fell when my teeth were in a car accident, and the four teeth were fake.My brother disfigured the accident, his teeth fell off when the accident, and then his parents broke. Anyway, I also experienced a lot of things before, but now I finally rely on my head to be clever and now I boiled.If you want to learn about hair care and hair care knowledge, you can pay attention to my sister.

I have been my hair for twenty years, and now my hair is two meters long, with real hair.It was a bit messy in the morning without combing hair, but everyone looked at this is not fake.The main content introduced in the live broadcast room is to distribute the knowledge of hair care. I like Hongyan’s attention. Hongyan is the real name.The neighbor on the door also said that Hongyan Hongyan was red again. Do you think my surname is fried rice? Is there a rice red and red?I also became popular on the Internet. Do you say that it has nothing to do with my name?Do you feel related?If shampoo is needed to go to the shopping bag below to shoot, this is anti -losing hair and removed oil control.Adults, children’s pregnant women, and elderly people can be used during breastfeeding.Thirty -nine yuan, nine or two bottles, 69 ninety -four bottles, all 500 milliliters are not easy to use, and they can be returned.

The family is really unrealistic, no one likes to be right.I just persist, to be honest, how long I can tell you.I can say what I use, so despite shooting with confidence.If you are dandruff, you see that I do n’t have dandruff, and you can hardly see dandruff.Because I was stuffy for ten minutes after washing my hair, and then gently scraped it with my nails, and dandruff run out, basically I can’t see dandruff.

For detailed usage, you come to me to study in the live broadcast room. I will introduce it to you in detail in the live broadcast room.Sisters.General live broadcast: Direct live broadcast time is nine o’clock in the morning, and then broadcast around 3 pm.If you want to learn about hair knowledge, come to my live broadcast room, thank you for your support.

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