I always want to sleep after pregnancy, what is this?

Most sisters will find that they love to sleep more when they are pregnant. They are sleeping early at night, but they often feel tired and lethargic.

So, many sisters began to worry about, is there any situation in their bodies?In fact, this is normal pregnancy change, don’t worry too much!

Why do you want to sleep more after pregnancy?

1. The secretion of progesterone

Slutophylls will be secreted in the early pregnancy. Its secretion will make pregnant women feel tired, decreased in spirit, and slow movement. Therefore, I often feel like I want to sleep.

2. Fundamental metabolism accelerates

After pregnancy, the body of the pregnant woman began to prepare a lot of preparation for the development of the fetus. The raw materials and energy of these preparations depended on metabolism.

The basic metabolism of pregnant women is accelerated, so the calorie consumption in the body also causes insufficient blood sugar, which eventually leads to the drowsiness of pregnant women.

3. Pregnancy response

Some pregnant women have obvious pregnancy reactions in the early pregnancy, and symptoms such as pregnancy and frequent urination are tangled.The existence of pregnancy causes poor sleep quality, so it is more tired than before pregnancy, and naturally it is more likely to be sleepy.

4. Rising weight

After pregnancy, the weight gain of pregnant women will increase the pressure in the uterus, which will lead to the increase in the amount of blood output in the heart. Therefore, pregnant women often feel tired and want to sleep, but the quality of sleep is often not high, and it is easy to wake up and insomnia.

5. Excessive anxiety

After pregnancy, the mental state of pregnant women changes, and they will feel anxious and nervous from time to time, which will reduce the sleep quality of pregnant women and make pregnant women feel tired.

Is it good for pregnant women to sleep for the fetus?

Generally speaking, pregnant women’s love for sleeping has little effect on the fetus, but it is also good for the fetus.

A sufficient rest can ensure the healthy growth of the baby. If the pregnant woman sleeps for a long time, the lack of sleep is not good for the baby.Of course, you can’t sleep too much, pay attention to the combination of work and rest.

What should I do if pregnant women are more sleepy in spring?

1. Sleep when you want to sleep, and develop the habit of sleeping at noon

Pregnant women have a better sleep than insomnia. Successful sleep helps the fetal brain and neurostelling, which is also good for pregnant women’s own health.

Usually develop the habit of sleeping, it is best to sleep for half an hour to one hour, which can relieve fatigue and not affect the night’s sleep.

2. Pay attention to nutritional balance

At this time, it is the stage when the body needs energy and nutrition for the urgent development of the fetus. Therefore, the diet should pay more attention to nutritional balance. It is best to change food types often.

3. Moderate exercise

Moderate exercise after dinner, such as slow walking, yoga, etc., which is conducive to the physical and mental health of pregnant women, can alleviate the fatigue of pregnant women and improve sleep quality.

4. Pay attention to the sleep environment and posture

Because pregnant women have a high body temperature and easier to feel hot, pay attention to keeping ventilation.

Take the left lying posture when sleeping, which can avoid compression of uterine arteries, ensure blood supply to the uterine, and also avoid compression of the lower cavity vein, promote the flow of blood flow of the lower limbs, and reduce the edema of the lower limbs.

5. Relax mind

Dyslexia during pregnancy will not last for too long. After entering the placenta in the second trimester, it will not feel tired.Pregnant mothers should always maintain their emotional stability and listen appropriately-relaxed music to reduce emotional fluctuations.Relax before going to bed, don’t watch stimulating programs.

Is dizziness weak after waking up?

After waking up, there are many reasons for dizziness, and pregnant mothers must carefully distinguish.If it belongs to the early pregnancy reaction, it is normal; if it is caused by the hypoxia of a closed space, open the window to ventilate and go to the place where the air flows outside and breathe fresh air;

If it is caused by hypoglycemia, some high -sugar and high -calorie foods can be appropriately supplemented.In addition, anemia can also cause dizziness, and you must pay attention to supplementing protein and iron during pregnancy.

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