Husbands asked their wives to be abortion, and their wives refused and sued for divorce. Can they be sentenced to divorce during pregnancy?

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In contemporary society, the divorce rate in my country is generally growing.The husband and wife feel that the two people can choose to divorce when they are unable to live together. This is indeed the best liberation of the two.But if the wife is pregnant, can they sue divorce?

On June 25, 2013, the plaintiff Xiao Zhao and the defendant Xiao Guo Jingren knew it. The two got along for a while, and quickly entered the period of love. On July 22 of the same year, they registered their marriage in the civil affairs department of the people’s government.And a grand wedding in his hometown.

After the marriage, the two sides have a good relationship, but the time is long. The two often quarrel with daily life trivial matters, and even occasionally do it. After the marriage, the two sides did not have children.In September 2013, the plaintiff Xiao Zhao was pregnant.However, Xiao Guo didn’t want a child and asked Xiao Zhao to be the flow of people, but Xiao Zhao did not agree, so in May 2014, the plaintiff Xiao Zhao and the defendant Xiao Guo began to separate.

On May 9, 2014, the plaintiff Xiao Zhao filed a lawsuit against the people’s court on the grounds of the breakdown of the relationship between the two sides, demanding that he divorced the defendant Xiao Guo.It was thought that shortly after marriage, the two sides could not live in harmony. After pregnancy, the defendant Xiao Guo was unwilling to ask for a child, so the two sides began to have differences.When Xiao Zhao was five months pregnant, the defendant Xiao Guo asked the plaintiff to be a crowd, causing the husband and wife to break up.The defendant Xiao Guo argued that he agreed to divorce the plaintiff Xiao Zhao.It is also believed that the two parties have a short time, and the marriage is too hasty. They do not know enough and lack a sense of trust. Because the plaintiff Xiao Zhao always goes out for a few days after marriage, it has caused misunderstandings.rupture.

During the lawsuit, both of them recognized that there was no common debt, no common property, and no personal property before marriage.

Judge said:

During the trial of this case, the judge of the people’s court had repeatedly chaired the mediation, and the plaintiff Xiao Zhao and the defendant Xiao Guo could not reconcile.Just when the plaintiff Xiao Zhao had not given birth nine months of pregnancy, the two sides voluntarily reached an agreement. The plaintiff Xiao Zhao proposed a divorce. The defendant Xiao Guo agreed to divorce and the plaintiff Xiao Zhao voluntarily afforded the acceptance fee of this case.After review, the divorce agreement between the two parties did not violate the relevant laws and regulations. The hospital confirmed it, and the hospital clearly informs the original and the defendant’s fetal support after birth in the mediation letter.

Article 34 of the "Marriage Law of the People’s Republic of my country" stipulates that "the woman shall not propose a divorce during the period of pregnancy, within one year after childbirth, or within six months after the baby. It is not limited to accept the man’s divorce request. "This article provides special protection to women from law.According to the provisions of this article, although the law restricts the right to sue within a certain period of time after the woman’s pregnancy and childbirth or after childbirth, under special circumstances, the man’s divorce request can still be accepted, that is, "the people’s court believes that it is necessary to accept it.The court should be accepted within the time limit for the divorce request of the divorce request.

Nowadays, especially in big cities, there will be one or two divorced friends around them.As the saying goes, there are bumps in teeth and tongue, not to mention that two couples live together for a lifetime, and conflict quarrels are inevitable.As long as you have more tolerance, a little more respect, a little more understanding, I believe that the biggest iso can pass.Therefore, you must cherish it if you can pass it. Don’t talk easily!

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