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This magical story takes place in the UK.A woman named Qiao Lin was pregnant. After knowing the news, she and her fiance were very happy, including all the people around them, from the inside to feel happy for them and the upcoming newborns.However, there is only one exception.

This exception is their horse.This horse has lived with Qiao Lin for many years and has a deep relationship with her. It should be reasonable to be happy for her.However, this is not the case. From the beginning of Jolin, this horse has been very strange. Her Macra has performed very strangely since she was pregnant.It always finds a chance to be with Qiao Lin, and even keeps her body closer to her, and hugs her with her forefoot. The more strange behavior is that it licks her belly.These behaviors are really unusual for a Malaysia, especially for Koala, because it has never done such a move before.

Therefore, they decided to go to the doctor and ask the doctor’s situation what was going on. At the same time, they also made an ultrasonic to see the fetus.However, when the doctor saw the ultrasonic, he immediately called the police.

When Qiao Lin and Rich knew each other when they were young, they could even be said to be green.When they met each other, the two were 16 years old, and then began to confirm the relationship of love and came together.Slowly, they grew up, but time did not let them separate, but made them go closer.They moved together.

After living together for a while, they bought a horse named Cora. They all loved this horse and regarded it as a relative.Koala is also very intimate for the two. They live happily together, as if they are very beautiful every day.

However, there are always some unsatisfactory below.The relationship between each couple is not perfect. There are always some unsatisfactory places, as well as Jolin and Rich.The relationship between them seems perfect, but it is actually not. Some things have always troubled Qiao Lin …

It is very simple for many people, but it is difficult for others.

It was a long time at first. They did a lot of preparations and made a lot of efforts, but there was no movement. Jolin and Ricci began to doubt themselves: Is there any problem with their physical health?After all, people cannot fully understand their own health, especially when they are pregnant. The two people who look healthy in appearance must be able to conceive their children. There are many factors that determine whether they are born.

So after thinking about it, they decided to go to a doctor.In case there is a problem between the two of them, they must solve this problem.So before that, they had to figure out the situation first, and the problem was on who.

They went to the hospital shortly after they made an appointment for a doctor. After seeing them, they asked them to do a series of examinations to determine whether Jolin and Ricci were normal.After the examination, the doctor asked the couple to go home and waited for the results. As a result, they would come out a few days later. As soon as he received the result, he would call them.

A few days later, the call from Qiao Lin’s house rang.Qiao Lin answered the phone and made by the doctor.Qiao Lin asked the doctor whether her test results were normal.As a result, the doctor did not tell her directly, and asked the two of them to go to his clinic again as soon as possible.

Qiao Lin told her husband that the two were very nervous and hurried to the doctor clinic.

When they arrived at the clinic, both of them looked anxious.What if there is a physical problem in the middle of them, what should I do if they can’t give birth?They have even imagined how to do artificial conception in the future, or it is not possible, maybe they have to adopt a child?

Unexpectedly, everything was shocked.After seeing the doctor, the doctor told them that their bodies were completely healthy and there was no problem at all.These have eliminated all their tensions.Finally, the two were relieved.

After seeing the doctor return, they relaxed their mood and lived a peaceful and happy life.One morning, Qiao Lin felt that there were some abnormalities in her body, so she took a speed with a pregnancy test stick.She quietly waited for the result of the pregnancy test stick.Time passed one minute and one second, and she felt like she was in seconds.

Slowly, the results of the pregnancy test stick showed -two lines!She is really pregnant!Her brain was buzzing, this surprise came too suddenly!

This is like a gift from heaven.Both of them were excited about the news. They told each other and shared the news with all close relatives and friends.Everyone is happy for them, because their many years of love finally ended fruit.

When everyone was immersed in the good news of Qiao Lin’s pregnancy, only their Markra seemed to be very dissatisfied with Join’s pregnancy.In fact, from the week of Qiao Lin’s discovery of pregnancy, its behavior became more and more weird.

At first, Koala had been looking for a chance to stay with Qiao Lin, and would lean to her.What’s even more strange is that it often holds Qiao Lin with her front leg, and even licks Qiao Lin’s belly with her tongue -this behavior is too strange!

Later, the strange things it did more every day, such as using his head to pinch Qiao Lin’s belly, even raised his head, and hugged Qiao Lin with his front leg.Jolin began to scare its behavior.What happened to this familiar old friend, and why are these abnormal behaviors?

In order to ensure that their children went well, they made an appointment to doctors and did a medical examination.At this time, Qiao Lin has been pregnant for 18 weeks. At this time, what happened at this time can already see it clearly through ultrasound.So doctors can determine whether their children are healthy.

One morning in 23 weeks, Qiao Lin suddenly felt a pain in her back, so painful that she couldn’t stand her waist, couldn’t move, or even felt unable to breathe.She doesn’t feel right, is this going to give birth?But this is only 23 weeks.what is going on?

She hurriedly called her husband and told her situation.After listening to hearing, Ricci was also very scared. After all, this was the first time he became a dad. He had no experience at all. He didn’t know what this meant.Therefore, the most secure way is to go to the hospital immediately. Only when you go to the hospital, it is the safest to face professional medical staff.

When I arrived at the hospital, the rescue staff on the ambulance immediately sent them to the obstetrics and gynecology department and arranged a doctor to receive Join.The doctor told Qiao Lin that he had to do an ultrasonic examination immediately to see if the fetus was normal.Qiao Lin was lying quietly on the bed, uneasy in her heart.

However, I did not expect that the doctor had an ultrasonic check for Qiao Lin, and her facial expression slowly changed.He looked a little confused at first, and later was doubtful, and finally shocked.He put away the instrument and said to Qiao Lin: "I must call the police immediately and call the police." In the subsequent questions, the police not only asked how their couple knew, and what the usual life and work were likeI usually like to go, and I also asked where they went in the past few weeks.

Next, they asked some strange questions about pregnancy, and asked very details, including who she saw during pregnancy, where to go, what to eat, what drinks, what reactions, or in life.No new friends appear, or have any abnormalities happen?

These questions make the police want to know about Qiao Lin’s pregnancy?This is completely unreasonable for Rich.She is just an ordinary pregnant woman. What about her about her?

"We have to perform surgery." The doctor was very serious, and when he entered the door, he got an ultimatum.

Qiao Lin doesn’t understand, why?The fetus has not yet matured, and she hasn’t had to produce indications. Why did she say that she had to perform surgery so suddenly?

The doctor explained that surgery is necessary for their children.The meaning of the doctor’s words means that he couldn’t say more at that time, because the police instructed him not to say anything.

The doctor told Qiao Lin that she could really choose not to surgery, because whether to choose surgery depends on her own thoughts, after all, she is the child’s mother.However, surgery is a solution to keep the fetus more stable.

After being taken to the interrogation room, Rich was very frustrated, and not only that, he was obviously more and more angry.At first, he told him that he had to go to the police station and was taken to the interrogation room.Why treat him like this?He couldn’t figure out his head.

Did he do something illegal?If so, it is just that he has done something wrong, so why do you constantly ask about his wife’s pregnancy?What does this matter have to do with Qiao Lin’s pregnancy?Does anyone come to tell him clearly?He was about to be furious.

But then the police finally appeared in the interrogation room, and they explained to him the ins and out.The police pointed at the window of the interrogation room and let Rickey look at the side of the window.Rich was confused about anything there. Suddenly, on the other side of the window, the five criminals came in and stood in front of them.

The police asked Rich to see if there was his familiar face in these five people.Rich looked at the face of the five people carefully, the first one did not know, the second one did not know, the third one did not know, the fourth one -he was completely stunned.What shocked him was that he really saw a familiar face.

How could it be him?What is he doing here?What did he do?Riki

The head is a question mark, how could this person be locked in the police cell.

Police told Rich that when the doctor just did an ultrasonic check for Join, he accidentally found an illegal medical chip in her body.This chip is generally used to regulate the required drugs, but Jolin is not taking any drugs, so this chip appears in Join’s body and is completely unreasonable.

At that time, the doctor asked Qiao Lin if he had implanted chips, and Qiao Lin said no. Therefore, the chip must be implanted in Qiao Lin’s body with illegal channels when the parties didn’t know.

It seems that Rich’s doctor puts this chip in Johin’s drugs, and these drugs are all under Rich.Everything is string now.The police’s investigation has come to an end, and the doctor told him: "Although you can rest assured, Qiao Lin and the fetus are very good, there is no problem, and it is healthier than the original. Today’s surgery is only taken out of the chip, not production. Because she is not produced. Because she is not produced.It hasn’t reached the due date, so there is no child, but the mother and the fetus are everything. We only need to take out the medical chip, and everything is normal. That chip may cause serious back pain. "

Because the operation was smooth and successful, Qiao Lin’s physical fitness was better and recovered quickly. It was recovered within a few days, and the doctor allowed Qiao Lin to go home with her husband.

October was pregnant and gave birth to a healthy and lovely male treasure.At the same time, their husband and wife treat their Markora like family.

Everything has spiritual, burning fire, flowing water, blooming flowers, you walking in the world, enjoying this fireworks life in Jingzhong, and the most mysterious power of life given to life in the movement, shining brightly.The color of all things aggregates into colorful people., So we must love the natural environment and protect the animal friends given to us by nature.

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