How to stop snoring?How to stop snoring during pregnancy?

Hicccurning is a normal natural behavior, but hiccups are really embarrassing in some occasions.Women during pregnancy find themselves snoring more frequently, which will cause embarrassment and make people feel uncomfortable.Although there is no way to let the expectant mothers stop snoring completely, there are some ways to reduce the frequency of snoring here.

Method 1. Change diet

1. Eat less meals

Eating a lot at a time is easy to make people snoring.Change the dietary law of three meals a day in the past, try an average of six meals a day, and eat less each meal.The change of six meals a day will not only reduce the frequency of snoring, but also help improve the morning vomiting of pregnant women.Many women find that something in the stomach will reduce the nausea of pregnancy.Avoid eating 3 hours before going to bed.Even if this meal eats very little, let the stomach have time to digest.

2. Knowing the incentives of snoring

Hormones in women during pregnancy will change.The response to food is different from usual.A diet record can help expectant mothers clearly know their response to specific foods.If you find that you often snoring after eating a certain food, you may avoid the food at this time.The general causes of snoring during pregnancy include fruit juice, chocolate, and greasy food. A glass of milk may relieve snoring, especially when the stomach is hot.

3. Balanced diet

Eat a bit of food containing lean protein, composite carbohydrates or carbohydrates containing starch, as well as fruits and (or) vegetables.Among them, lean protein is very conducive to increasing nutrition and alleviating snoring.A balanced diet contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, antioxidants, fibers and other nutrients required by the human body.Eating too much or too fast will cause snoring, so eating slowly, and fully chewing food will prevent snoring.

4. Avoid foods that cause flatulence to cause flatulence

Some foods are more likely to cause snoring than other foods, such as beans, broccoli, cabbage, housing cabbage, asparagus and wheat bran.If you want to reduce snoring, try to avoid eating these foods.Try to avoid eating sugar -free products, in which maltol and sorbitol can cause flatulence.High -fat and fried foods often cause snoring and stomach burning.Baked, steamed or baked products are a better choice.

5. Drink a lot of water

Water can help digest food more efficiently, so it can also relieve snoring.Women’s body muscles during pregnancy are more relaxed than usual.Muscle relaxation can lead to a slowdown in digestion, allowing the air to accumulate in the intestine.Water can take away the air accumulated in the digestive tract through human digestive system.Drink at least 1.8kg of water every day.Drinking water actually helps prevent another symptoms of pregnancy -edema.Tea, coffee and other beverages containing caffeine, drinking no more than 200 milligrams a day.Water can transport nutrients in the body to prevent dehydration.If someone doesn’t like the taste of water, try to squeeze some lemon juice or lime juice to put a fresh mint in the water.

6. Drink less carbonated drinks

The compressed air in the juice soda and other carbonated beverages can cause snoring.Many juice soda contain a lot of calories and caffeine.If you want to drink juice soda during pregnancy, drink less every time.Avoid sugar -free soda during pregnancy.Studies have shown that drinking sugar -free soda and premature birth.

7. Try drinking flower tea

Mint has an exhaust function, which can prevent gases in the gastrointestinal tract, or discharge the gas out of the gastrointestinal tract.Therefore, drinking mint tea may reduce the frequency of snoring.Gamomic tea also has similar effects.There are also many other flowers and plants that have exhaust functions, such as cinnamon, garlic, and ginger, which can easily join the diet.Before trying other flower and grass tea, you must communicate with doctors to prevent them from drinking safely during pregnancy.

Method 2. Reduce the air swallowing the air

1. Slowly eat

Eating too fast, you will swallow a lot of air with food, which will cause snoring.Sit straight and eat slowly, and chewing food to avoid snoring.When eating, we should avoid talking. When we eat and chew, we will unconsciously swallow more air.If you think this meal may make you a lot, remember to take a walk after meals.Walking helps the peristalsis of food in the digestive tract and reduce snoring.

2. When drinking water, avoid swallowing a lot of air

A good posture can effectively avoid this problem, that is, sitting straight when drinking water.Drinking water directly with a tea cup or glass can prevent drinking a lot of air.After drinking hot drinks, avoid drinking cold drinks soon (otherwise), because such a fast and hot and cold alternation will allow you to swallow more air.Drinking water directly from the drinking water heater can also cause too much air to swallow, causing snoring.Take a water cup with you, use a cup to pick up water from the water heater.

3. Avoid drinking

Alcoholic beverages will increase gastric acid, making people swallow a lot of air.Drinking during pregnancy may also cause congenital defects of newborns.Doctors suggest to prevent alcohol drink during pregnancy, especially in the early stages of pregnancy.[10] If someone finds it difficult to prevent drinking, you can seek help.If you are embarrassed to tell the doctor, you can help many anonymous hotlines.Studies have shown that a small amount of alcohol in the later stages of pregnancy is harmless.A small amount refers to 1-2 small cups of red wine per week.More than six glasses of wine every day will cause fetal alcohol syndrome, causing the fetus to grow and develop in the palace and after birth.

4. Quit smoking

Smoking swallows the air, causing an increase in gas in the body and causing snoring.In addition, smoking during pregnancy is the primary cause of infant defects.Cigarettes include more than 4,000 chemicals.Many aimedies are toxic for mothers and fetuses.The oxygen required by the fetus can only be provided by the air inhaled by expectant mothers, so these chemicals have a huge impact on fetal development.

Method three: Change the lifestyle of life

1. Keep calm at all times

Tension and anxiety are unhealthy for mothers and babies, and they will accumulate gas and cause snoring.It’s time to enjoy some low -intensity activities.Watch movies with friends, read books, or make a massage, these are not only good for health, but also very interesting.Speaking can make people inhale more gases and cause snoring.

2. Practice meditation

Not only does meditation make people relax, but also make people breathe calm and effectively, so it will not allow people to inhale extra gas.Meditation has various benefits.It has a significant effect on alleviating emotional fluctuations, improves self -awareness, reduces stress, and can directly reduce the frequency of snoring.You can practice meditation at any time.

3. Participate in yoga class or meditation classroom designed for women during pregnancy

Practicing yoga helps to breathe effective and strengthen abdominal strength. These can help expectant mothers solve excessive inhalation gas and reduce snoring.Yoga helps improve sleep quality, relieve anxiety and reduce headaches.Avoid hot yoga asanas, and as form that needs to be lying up and downwards, and do not try any asanas that will increase pressure on the abdomen.

4. Exercise regularly

It may feel tired, but regular and appropriate exercise helps to release hormones, enzymes, digestive fluids and gastric acid.If you exercise regularly, expectant mothers can reduce snoring, promote a virtuous circle, and give better blood supply to the body.Take a walk in the garden and do some simple exercise.Standing on the plate after meals for a while will also help reduce snoring.During pregnancy, you can discuss the exercise plan with the attending doctor.Some doctors recommend avoiding strenuous exercise.This largely depends on the physical condition of the individual, so you must consult a doctor.

6, sufficient sleep

Successive sleep during pregnancy is very important. Eight -hour sleep every night can help reduce annoying pregnancy symptoms.Pay attention to sleeping on the left side, bent with one leg or legs.This sleeping position helps to absorb the accumulation of gases in the body at night.Avoid exercise before going to bed.Practice helps to relieve insomnia and reduce stress.

Note: If snoring is accompanied by abdominal pain or spasm, blood, severe blood, severe diarrhea, constipation or more frequent nausea and disgusting dizziness.Because these symptoms are caused by more serious problems.

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