How to spread hepatitis C?You must know the four major spreads of hepatitis C!

Hepatitis C is a commonly known hepatitis disease in clinical clinical clinical. It has strong infectiousness. If the treatment is not timely, it will deteriorate into a more serious liver disease, which will cause great health damage to the physical and mental health of patients.For healthy people, it is also important to do a good job in preventing hepatitis C in the daily life.What is the way to spread hepatitis C?Let ’s take a closer look!

What is the way to spread hepatitis C?

(1) Blood transfusion and blood product dissemination

It is undeniable that blood transmission is the most important cause of hepatitis C infection.Especially for patients with repeated blood transfusion and frequent use of blood products, or patients with injections, acupuncture, organ transplantation, and hemodialysis, can easily cause hepatitis C infection during blood transmission.However, with the improvement of my country’s screening methods in recent years, this communication method has been obviously controlled.

(2) Mother and baby spread

A large number of scientific research shows that the spread of mother and baby is also the main cause of hepatitis C.If a woman is pregnant with hepatitis C virus itself, it may cause the infection of infection in the palace; in addition, childbirth and postpartum breastfeeding may be transmitted to the baby.Imagine if you are infected with a disease such as hepatitis C to the next generation because of your negligence, it must be a very sad thing.

(3) Sexual contact dissemination

If a male carry hepatitis C virus, then hepatitis C virus will exist in his semen and saliva, then he may be infected with sexual partners to infection with sexual communication.

(4) Daily intimate contact spread

If a family of hepatitis C virus is in a family, you must pay attention not to share daily necessities in daily life, such as toothbrushes, rice bowls, nail tongs, hand towels, etc., which may cause transmission infection.

The above is the introduction of what is about the spread of hepatitis C. It is obvious that the transmission of hepatitis C is very wide. We must pay attention to active prevention in daily life to avoid irreversible harm to the body after the onset. In shortBe careful to ensure good health.

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