How to solve acne during pregnancy

What are the ways to solve the acne during pregnancy? Because of the hormone secretion of the body during pregnancy, it will cause some skin problems, such as acne or freckles, which can not be tolerated for women who love beauty, but because they are afraid, they will be.It hurts the baby and dare not take medicine for treatment. So what is the way to solve the acne during pregnancy?

Why do pregnant women hold acne?

During pregnancy, the original acne deterioration often occurs, and even some sick moms said that they only have acne after pregnancy.In fact, this is due to the result of hormone stimulation by sebaceous glands.The face is also easier to get oily than usual, and the pressure on life and work in pregnant women is strong. If you sleep in lack of sleep or stay up late, acne and acne will continue to emerge.

What should I do if pregnant women have acne?

How to get acne during pregnancy?

1. Food therapy: Mummy during pregnancy is generally better, so the treatment method is easy to remove acne.The long acne during this period is nothing more than an endocrine disorders or the increase in hormones, so it will be effective to eat the corresponding things. You can eat some crude fiber food, fruits and green vegetables, because they can not only play a role in hydrating, but alsoThere are some things that can have water locking effects and regulate the body, such as celery, apple, watermelon, corn, millet, etc.There is no special approach, remember not to eat greasy and easy to get angry, so that both skin care can also supplement the required nutrition.

2. External skin care method:

Milk mask

Step 1: Take a piece of mask paper and buy cotton in personal opinions. You can absorb the stolen goods in the skin well.Preparing a pack of pure milk, the most lack of pregnant women is it, so use it to do it first, but remember to not sugar.

Step 2: Pour some milk in the container, and then soak the mask paper until it is completely soaked.

Step 3: Gently twist the mask paper, then apply it to the face, take it for about 15 minutes, and do it 1-2 times.

Do it three times a week, or you can do it every other day. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you want to do it every day, because it is pure natural, so it’s okay. As for the effect, the people on the earth know.

Vegetable, fruit mask

Choose: Cucumber, watermelon, lemon, winter melon and other large fruits can be selected according to individuals.

First: Put the fruits into the mixer to make a paste, and then do it like making milk mask. You can do it half, drink half, the internal and external regulations, and take your own needs.

Second: Wash and slice the fruits and vegetables, stick it on the face, and feel about the water completely absorbed and then change the other group. Repeat it three times.

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