How to replenish blood is the most effective?Expert: See what kind of constitution you are?

As the saying goes, "blood is the foundation", but women are more likely to have blood deficiency because of their monthly menstruation and the process of pregnancy and production.Many women pay special attention to daily health care, but it is most effective to say how to replenish blood, but many people can’t say.Here are Lu Shan, deputy chief physician of the reproductive medicine department of Guangdong Province, to tell you how to replenish blood.

What are the symptoms of women’s blood deficiency

In fact, women’s anemia and blood deficiency are not obvious. They will have a pale and dry face, easy to dizziness, fatigue and weakness, shortness of breath, menstrual abdominal pain, delayed menstruation, less menstruation, and other symptoms. Individual women will even be amenorrhea.EssenceExperts suggested that if women have the above situation, it is best to go to the hospital for a regular examination of blood to determine whether they are anemia.

Therefore, Lu Shan reminded that women should not be based on certain symptoms, or even based on subjective feelings, they think that their anemia and blindly taking blood supplements will not only waste money, but also delay the illness, or cause other adverse consequences.

Look at the constitution before taking the blood

In the past, people judged whether to replenish blood, basically according to the surface symptoms.For example, if there is poor complexion, dizziness, fatigue, and soft legs, it is considered to be blood deficiency. In fact, this is one -sided.Director Lu Shan said, "Before nourishing blood and nourishing blood, we must first distinguish whether his physique is blood deficiency, because not all human constitution is blood deficiency. In addition to blood deficiency, our system characteristics have liver stagnation and qi stagnation.It is not a blood deficiency, but it will only make the body deficiency unconscious. "

Women are mainly nourishing yin and nourishing blood

Lu Shan said that women’s blood deficiency and blood can not rely on blood supplementation alone. The blood supplement in Chinese medicine theory is often linked to the concepts of qi, yin, nourishing yang, and kidney.Even contains each other.Generally, rarely just nourish blood.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, women should nourish yin and nourish blood.Ejiao, Angelica, red dates, wolfberry, longan meat, Shouwu, etc. are the best materials for nourishing blood and beauty."Dry seasons, lotus seeds red dates, Ejiao glutinous rice porridge, and lily yam wolfberry soup are all good choices." Director Lu Shan suggested.

In addition, in addition to paying attention to diet, women must also be happy, regular life, do not stay up late, actively exercise, reasonable diet, balance nutrition, and avoid cold during menstruation.Director Lu Shan said that a happy mood and cheerful personality can not only enhance the body’s immunity, but also help physical and mental health, but also promote the bone marrow hematopoietic function in the bones in the body., Ensure that the body and beauty are beautiful.

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