How to relieve pregnancy?Is the girl and girl serious?How long is the end of pregnancy?

How to relieve expectant mothers during pregnancy?When is the end of pregnancy?Is the girl who is pregnant seriously?Is it useful for pregnancy and hospitalization?Is pregnancy vomiting a boy and girl?Is it a boy or a girl?What is going on with vomiting blood?Pregnancy is a very beautiful thing, but pregnancy vomiting is also a painful thing.

Why is it pregnant?

More than half of expectant mothers will have lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting, greasy and fried dishes, partial eaters, pickedness, fatigue, fear of cold, drooling, dizziness, dizziness, dizziness, etc.A reaction for early pregnancy.

It is generally believed that the cause of early pregnancy reactions is closely related to the chorionic gonad hormone -promoting gonad hormone -promoting gonad hormone produced by early embryo fluff. Once the pregnancy is terminated, the response can disappear; in addition, it is related to the mental condition of expectant mothers.Symptoms of reaction.

Do I need to treat pregnancy?

Early pregnancy reactions generally have little impact on life, work and study. They do not need special treatment. They disappear naturally after 3 months of pregnancy.Nevertheless, expectant mothers can still adopt some methods that suits them to reduce early pregnancy reactions to prevent early pregnancy reactions from affecting their pregnancy mood.

Early pregnancy reactions have different symptoms, and a few expectant mothers vomit frequently. What to eat and vomit, even drinking water, can vomit bile, vomit with blood, significantly decreases weight, mental sluggish, dehydrated, acid poisoning (urine has urine in has urineKetone body), affects the health of expectant mothers, is called "pregnancy drama vomiting". Once pregnancy drama vomiting occurs, do not look down or endure, you must seek medical treatment in time, otherwise it will affect the health of the expectant mother itself.And the growth and development of the baby’s baby can even induce other diseases or cause abortion.

How to reduce early pregnancy reactions

Persist in rest and avoid excessive fatigue.

Avoid all stimulus that may cause nausea and vomiting, such as oil, smoke, odor, etc., especially to keep the indoor air fresh.

Keep emotional stability, eliminate ideological concerns, be happy, and do more things that are good for your mood.

Expectant mothers can learn the following massage methods to help relieve early pregnancy reactions.

Inner acupoint

The Neiguan acupoint is 5 cm above the inner wrinkles of the hand joint (the three horizontal fingers on the wrist). If this pressure point is stimulated, it can reduce nausea and vomiting caused by pregnancy and other diseases (such as seasickness).

Acupuncture method

When taking acupoints, put the three fingers in the middle of the right hand together, and place the ring finger on the left wrist horizontally. At this time, the middle point where the right -hand finger and the left wrist cross point are the acupuncture point.

Massage method

It is best to massage the hole around 5 pm.Press with your thumb or middle finger, and press for 5 minutes each time.


On the front and outside of the calf, 3 inches under the calf nose, a horizontal finger (middle finger) from the anterior edge of the tibia.

Acupuncture method

When looking for acupoints, the left leg and the right leg are moved along the tibia with the second joint of the index finger on the left hand until the protruding oblique bone is blocked.

Massage method

Press three miles in the morning, about 3 minutes.Use one -handed and middle fingers to stop the three miles of the same side foot, and slowly rub it 50 times.Use another hand to knead the Zusanli acupoint on the other side.

Mom Heart: During the pregnancy of expectant mothers, I ca n’t eat fragrant during pregnancy. I ca n’t sleep well. The prospective father remembers a lot of love!

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