How to live sexual life in the third trimester?Doctor: Avoid severe exercise and tossing

Pregnancy is like a second child for women.This sentence can accurately describe that pregnancy is a very important and difficult thing for women.

So some pregnant women have such a question: Can sexual life in the late pregnancy?

The doctor gave an accurate answer to this question.We should avoid severe exercise and tossing, so it is not recommended to have sex. Even if you have sex, you must try to take some gentle actions.

So what does it mean?The following points are worth noting.

It means the last stage of pregnancy in the late pregnancy. At this time, it is the day from the 28th to the 40th weeks of pregnancy.When pregnant women enter the 28th week of pregnancy, it means that she has entered the perinatal period.

At this time, the fetus has reached 1,000 grams, the basic organs have been developed, the eyes have a certain response to light, and close fetal movement phenomena will occur.

So in addition to supplementing sufficient nutrition at this time, you also need to pay attention to the time, frequency and angle of sexual life.

First, communicate with the doctor in advance, and you can go to the hospital for some examinations.Ask the doctor if you can make a sexual life and make a decision.

Because the physical fitness of each maternal is different, and the fetal condition is different. For some pregnant women and the health of the fetus, it is also possible to do some appropriate sexual behavior.

Second, it is important to adopt a safe and comfortable posture.In the late pregnancy, various dangerous postures should be avoided.

For example, letting pregnant women knelt on the ground, raising the legs of pregnant women’s feet, and allowing pregnant women to be in the upper position of the female.

These postures will have a certain negative impact on the fetus and pregnant women, which may cause the pregnant woman’s belly burden to increase, or cause the knee burden to increase.

Be sure to take some more comfortable posture of pregnant women, such as letting pregnant women lie on the side.

This posture is very good to allow the pregnant woman’s belly to support, and reduce the fetal compression of the fetus’s viscera.

In this way, it is easier to enter the state, experience the happiness of sexual life, and secrete more dopamine and endorphin.

Third, we must communicate beforehand.Before the husband and wife have sexual life, in addition to conducting more detailed communication with the doctor, the couple also need to conduct a deeper and detailed communication between the husband and wife.

This communication is not only to ask the other party if they have the willingness to perform sexual life, but also need to talk about the impact of sexual life on the body.

The posture, strength, frequency, etc. in the process of sex life must be informed of the other party in advance.

Because these are too important for pregnant women, there may be wrong posture or strong strength, which will have a strong stimulus to the vagina and cervix of pregnant women.

In the end, premature births will cause the fetus, or the amniotic fluid rupture of pregnant women will occur.

In addition to communicating the details in the process of sex, you also need to let the other party understand their love for the other party.

Because of having a perfect sex life, especially for couples during pregnancy, it is important not to stimulate and pleasure, but to feel that the other person really cares about himself.

This care will increase self -confidence in the pregnant woman or husband and wife, and this self -confidence plays an important role in resisting postpartum depression.

And it will also give a great motivation for pregnant women in the production process.

For pregnant mothers, if each birth check is very smooth, sexual life can be performed in the second trimester.

In the middle of pregnancy, it refers to pregnant women in 13 to 28 weeks, which are pregnant women from three to six months.At this time, the placenta of the pregnant woman has matured, so it can be appropriately sex.

However, if the placenta is found or a placenta is low, it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination, and wait until the placenta grows up to the sexual life.

If the placenta is lowered, it is easy to cause major bleeding.

At the same time, it is necessary to prevent inflammation, hygiene cleaning and other factors.

If pregnant mothers have vaginitis, uterine inflammation, and premature fetal membrane breaks, they need to pay attention to the number of sexual life, and in the process of sexual life, it is necessary to prevent difficulty in the occurrence of difficult movements.

Hygiene cleaning is an important thing for pregnant mothers.Because they are very fragile at this time, the nutrients inside the body are all given the fetus and placenta, and the supplementation of their own nutrients is not as good as before.

Therefore, hygiene cleaning is very important, and pregnant mothers need attention.

Moreover, hygiene cleaning is not just for pregnant mothers, but the man has to wash white, because many bacteria are brought to the woman.

First, bring a condom.Some students may be very puzzled, why do they wear condoms?In fact, the reason is simple because there are some components that stimulate vagina and cervix in the semen, such as prostate fluid, so be sure to wear a condom.

Second, take the correct and comfortable posture.This must be paid attention to both pregnant mothers and prospective dads.

Because this is the most obvious feeling. If you are uncomfortable, it is difficult to have a pleasant and satisfactory sex life.

Third, pay attention to the frequency and number of times, try to keep it twice to twice a week.In the sexual life, in addition to paying attention to the posture, you must also pay attention to the strength and frequency. You must be carried out under a gentle premise.

Excessive stimulation of the cervix will make the cervix and vagina very sensitive and easily cause contractions.

At the same time, the best time and less intensity, and the movement is as softer as possible to ensure sexual life when ensuring the safety of pregnant women and babies.

Fourth, in terms of diet, you must also attract attention.

Many pregnant mothers believe that as long as they eat well during pregnancy, they must have good standards for protein, fat, carbohydrates and vitamins.

On the premise of ensuring dietary laws, balanced nutrition, non -greasy, avoiding cold, and avoiding spicy, you must also grasp the speed of eating to ensure that every meal is not supported, and you are eating and full.In this way, you can have a good sex life.

Fifth, in terms of work and rest, you must also pay attention to rest and stay up late.

The most important task of pregnant women is to raise themselves and their children. If the body is not good, then it will definitely be guilty in the end.

It is important to have a regular biological clock. This is not only to make the body in a relatively healthy schedule, but also a positive effect on enhancement of resistance.

The work of pregnant women is good, and the spiritual head is sufficient.At this time, even if it is a more intense action of sexual life, it can be dealt with well.

And after sexual life, it is not very tired.

Pregnancy itself is a period of prone to problems. It may be angry, and depression will cause the body balance to be broken.

It may also be a bending movement, which will be a life of a pregnant woman.Therefore, during pregnancy, if you want to live sex, you must pay attention to the following points.

First, the vaginal bleeding or abnormal secretions in the vagina of pregnant women must hurry up to see the doctor.

If the vaginal bleeding of pregnant women may be caused by these three factors: threatened abortion, front placenta and cervical polyps.

First of all, bleeding may be a symptom of threatened abortion. The cause of this symptom may be that the genitals of pregnant women have abnormalities, endocrine abnormalities, or embryonic dysplasia.So there will be a small amount of blood flowing out of the vagina.

Secondly, in the third trimester, the placenta is prone to abnormal placenta, and the placenta is prefixed with endometrial injury.

In other words, the placenta went down, and gradually came to the position near the lower end of the uterine, the cervical mouth.

In the end, if there is no bleeding and an increase in leucorrhea, it is likely to be caused by inflammation stimulation. Generally, cervicitis and vaginitis are mostly.

This happens, and it is likely to bring cervical long polyps. If the polyps appear, be sure to remove it as soon as possible.

If the above three situations are too serious, if intervention is not treated in time, it will cause problems with children or pregnant women.

In this case, the advice given by doctors is generally terminating pregnancy.

Second, if the uterus appears violent contraction, it must stop sex.

Many factors can cause this situation, one of which is physical stimulation.The so -called physical stimulus is that the pregnant mother’s uterus or cervix is stimulated by external forces.

The occurrence of this situation is caused by sexual life.Therefore, we must grasp the strength in the process of sexual life. The angle and frequency, the pregnant mother is slightly uncomfortable, and we must stop in time to prevent contractions from worse.

Third, if the cervix or vagina is infected, you must seek medical treatment in time.In daily life, if it is not a pregnant mother, if the vagina is infected, it will cause diseases such as vaginitis and cervicitis.

During pregnancy, the vaginal secretion of pregnant mothers is affected by progesterone, which will cause the vaginal epithelium sugar to increase, and during pregnancy, progesterone and estrogen will also cause vaginal secretions to increase.

At this time, you must go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment. You can first diagnose the serious situation of vaginitis at this time to determine the level of stimulation and impact on the fetus and pregnant mothers.

Fourth, too much or too little amniotic fluid is not conducive to sexual life.

Amniotic fluid is like a pressure device that controls the inside of the pregnant woman’s belly. If there are too many amniotic fluid, it will cause the stress of the pregnant woman to be too large, cause premature birth, early breaking fetal breakthrough, weak contraction, and postpartum bleeding.

If there is too little amniotic fluid, the pressure in the pregnant woman’s belly is less, and it is easy to protect the fetus perfectly, which will cause the fetus to be affected by a little physical influence or external stimulation, which will be oppressed.

Especially for the situation of sexual life, we must pay attention to it.

Pregnant women’s amniotic fluid too much or too much is not conducive to sexual life, so we must pay attention to it, go to the hospital in advance to check the amount of amniotic fluid and whether it is in normal scope.

Fifth, the fetal movement becomes less.If the fetus suddenly moves less, it must be paid attention to.

This means that the fetus may have hypoxia in the abdomen, usually umbilical cord around the neck, nodules, etc.

It is very messy for matters that need to be paid attention to during pregnancy. If you do not do your homework beforehand, it will easily cause accidents.And during pregnancy, it is not only sex life, but also attaches great importance to other aspects.

From the aspects of schedule, exercise, nutrition, inspection, folic acid, etc., you must do your homework.

No matter which links are, it will affect pregnant mothers and fetuses.And in the early stages of pregnancy, you must pay attention to the use of folic acid. The role of folic acid is to prevent fetal malformation preparation.

The above is what you need to pay attention to in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, as well as the matters that need to be paid attention to in the process of sexual life.

Regardless of whether it is a pregnant mother or a prospective father, you must do your homework and prepare well, so that it will not cause irreparable losses.

So what experience do you have for the topic of sexual life during pregnancy?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

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