How to judge whether a dog is pregnant?

Most shoveling officers will understand that dogs are generally 9 weeks during pregnancy, but they will always be seen until the last few weeks, so it is difficult to detect in the early stages of pregnancy.

The best way to judge whether dogs are pregnant are to take it to the hospital for examination.But paying attention to its physical and behavioral changes are still useful.Dogs will have a certain pregnancy response in the early stages of pregnancy.

Pay attention to the change of the body

The dog’s nipple becomes the earliest signal of its pregnancy.From 2-3 weeks after pregnancy, the nipples will become more pink, swollen and more prominent than usual.

The size of the dog usually changes until the 4th-5 weeks. At this time, its waist will become thicker and the belly will gradually protrude.

Don’t increase the amount of dog food prematurely, this is a mistake that many dog owners are easy to make.The correct time to increase the amount of food should be in the last three weeks of pregnancy.Excessive calories intake will accumulate under the abdomen to form fat, which looks like pregnant.Unless it is a professional like veterinarian, it is difficult to distinguish whether the dog’s bulging belly is because of the babies in the belly or a lot of fat.

By the last three weeks of the dog’s pregnancy, that is, at the 6th-9 weeks, the dog’s belly will become round and drum.Breasts also became swollen due to breast development.At this time, the dog was ready to breastfeed.

In the last three weeks of the dog’s pregnancy, you may be able to see the sides of the dog’s abdomen.This is the result of the baby dog’s movement in the uterus.If you gently stick it with your palms, you may feel the fetal movement.

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t feel anything.Because the puppies are deep in the abdominal cavity of the dog’s mother, and they are all wrapped in the water sac.So it is basically impossible to truly touch the puppy.

Pay attention to changes in behavior behavior

What we call does not mean very big changes.Each dog’s pregnancy response is different.Some may become quieter and easy to get tired.But the dog’s body is uncomfortable.So it is not reliable based on this.Most dogs’ behaviors are only manifested in the last three weeks of pregnancy, and there are generally no changes before.

In the last three weeks of pregnancy, the dog’s belly protruded, and it was not so convenient to move, so it would like to sleep better than usual.

In the final stage of pregnancy, the dog’s uterus will become larger and larger, and occupy a large part of the space.So it is impossible to eat a lot at a time, and appetite will be affected accordingly.In other words, it may eat less, but it is more frequent.

During the delivery of nearby delivery, in order to make a warm, comfortable and safe nest for the babies, it may drag the blankets or fabrics into a hidden corner.Therefore, we must pay attention to the behavior of the dog’s nest, 2-3 days before giving birth, or even 2-3 weeks, is the possible time for dogs.

Seeking a professional diagnosis

If you suspect that the dog is pregnant, it is necessary to take it to the hospital for examination.Doctors often have the following veterinarians that can feel the dog’s uterus and the fetus inside by touching it directly.Usually touch the dog’s abdomen gently with your hands.But it is easy to do it.Because the food residues in the intestine are easily mistaken for the fetus in the uterus.vice versa.

The best diagnosis of this touch method is the 28-35 days after pregnancy.Before that, the fetus was too small to notice it.After that, it is easy to confuse things such as food in the intestines.

From the sixth week of pregnancy, the veterinarian has been able to use auspicious to listen to the heartbeat of the dog.But it is far more difficult than listening to the baby’s baby’s heartbeat.Because the dog has thick fur, and its belly is round, the hesitator is not easy to stick it completely.

Blood testing can be said to be the most accurate diagnostic method.The purpose of blood testing is to depend on whether the blood of the dog contains a pregnancy hormone called a saginin

The secretion of relaxation is generally stable after 28 days of pregnancy.So before that, the blood test may not be detected, which will cause misdiagnosis and make you mistakenly think that the dog is not pregnant.But once the sagin is detected, whether it is 28 days before pregnancy, it proves that the dog is pregnant.

The earliest way to diagnose the dog’s pregnancy is the ultrasonic.Skilled ultrasound doctors can detect babies in the dog’s belly from the 16th day of pregnancy.

If the dog is obedient, it can be checked smoothly without drug sedation.Dogs with thicker fur may need to shave the hair of the abdomen so that the auspiciousness can fully fit the skin with its skin.

With the popularity of ultrasonic waves, the frequency of pregnancy to detect pregnancy is reduced.Generally, X -rays are all in the late pregnancy. It is used to count on the dog’s uterus.

It is useful to know that dogs are pregnant in advance.In this way, it can ensure the safety of each baby. Even if the dog stops delivery, the owner will not miss the baby who is still in her belly.

Determine the initial signs of pregnancy

Be patient.Generally, in the first three weeks of pregnancy, dogs’ appetite and so on are normal, and there will be no signs of pregnancy.

Dogs who are pregnant will have the phenomenon of joy like people like people, but it usually occurs after 21 days of mating, and it will last for 1-2 weeks.

On the 21st day, you can observe the color of the dog’s tooth bed.If you are pregnant, the tooth bed will turn white.Because the dog’s baby is all in the uterus, the blood gathers the blood to the uterus, which makes the tooth bed have no blood.This is normal, don’t worry.But if this phenomenon lasted for more than 2 days, you have to pay attention.

Some people first suspected that the dog was pregnant because it became quiet.But in fact, this method is not very reliable.Pregnancy can cause changes in hormone secretion, but the relative performance of each dog is different.

Some dogs may become very quiet because of this, some may be very sticky, and then some will become more lonely, and they want to stay on themselves.Although the dog’s mood or behavior is likely to be caused by pregnancy, although the dog’s mood or behavior is likely to be caused by pregnancy, it does not rule out the possibility of illness.So pay attention to see if the dog has loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, cough, sneezing, and vaginal secretions to determine whether it is pregnant or sick.If the dog has anorexia a few days or within a few weeks after mating, there is a vaginal secretion or frequent vomiting, it is likely to be sick, not pregnancy, and take it to seek medical treatment in time.Note that some dogs, especially dogs who do not like contact with people, will become aggressive in order to protect the baby after pregnancy.So pay attention to letting children and strangers away from the dog’s nest and its baby.

Dog fake pregnancy is very common, especially after a few weeks after estrus.Even if there is no pregnancy, there may be signs of pregnancy of nipple swelling and great appetite.Take the dog to the hospital to determine whether it is pregnant.

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