How to judge that dogs are pregnant?

Dogs are generally pregnant,

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1. Chance your appetite

Two weeks before pregnancy, because of endocrine, there will be loss of appetite, but in the late pregnancy period, you need to provide nutrients to the dogs, and appetite will increase.The shoveling officers can prepare some nutritious dog food for the pregnant bitch, such as coaching dog food, a variety of fresh meat with fruits and fruits. The crude protein measured 35.64%, crude fat 16.1%, and the digestive rate is as high as 94.5%. The nutrition is easy to absorb.

Second, nipples become larger

Under normal circumstances, the nipples of adult bitch will not be obvious, but they need to nurture puppies after pregnancy, so estrogen in the body will make the bitch nipples larger, usually changes after two or three weeks of pregnancy.

Third, abdominal swelling

Over time, the baby’s stomach is more and more obvious, but the abdominal swelling may also be caused by other diseases or constipation.You can take a dog to check whether it is a baby or father in the stomach.

Fourth, nesting behavior

When the bitch arrives for a certain time, you can perceive when to give birth, and it may have nesting behaviors, such as hidden or tearing the paper towels.Put it in the kernel nest and want to prepare a comfortable birth environment for the dogs.

5. Decreased activity

Dogs are prone to sleepy after pregnancy, tired, and you can obviously feel that its activity is not so high. This is a physiological adjustment for the dog’s mother to make a physiological adjustment.

Moreover, the bitch will become sensitive and don’t like people to approach, so as to avoid accidentally hurt the fetus.

So what should you pay attention to when feeding during pregnancy?

First, when the dog’s demand for food is significantly increased, do not feed it fiercely. It should be step by step, slightly more high -protein foods than usual.

Second, a small amount of meals, because the bitch may have vomiting such as vomiting during pregnancy.3. To avoid excessive dogs at the end of pregnancy, and appropriately increased outdoor walking activities, it will be more conducive to the smooth production of the bitch.

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