How to judge for pregnancy vomiting and gastric vomiting?Vomiting in pregnancy is very serious. What are the harms?

Many female friends have very obvious vomiting symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy, but I do n’t know if this symptom is normal vomiting of pregnancy or vomiting caused by gastric disease. Therefore, there is no way to treat it.It may cause vomiting, so what are the differences between pregnancy and vomiting and gastric vomiting?

1. Different onset time.When patients have symptoms of pregnancy and vomiting, they usually occur after 6 weeks of pregnancy, and most of them are more common in the morning. When it is about three months of pregnancy, the symptoms will gradually disappear and alleviate.EssenceHowever, the occurrence of diseases such as gastric vomiting are not clear. As long as patients do not usually develop good eating habits, they may develop onset at any time.

2. Different symptoms of onset.Remove acid and stomach pain.Therefore, the symptoms of the two diseases are completely different from the symptoms of the disease.

3. Different treatment methods.Pregnancy and vomiting do not need to be treated too much. Patients only need to regulate their daily diet in normal times, and they can gradually improve until the middle of pregnancy.However, the impact of the situation of gastric vomiting on the health of patients is very serious, so in this case, patients must take some drugs for treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

If the symptoms of pregnancy vomiting are more severe, it will cause the patient to dewater. Frequent vomiting can cause a large amount of moisture and nutrients in the body to discharge the body, and it will also cause malnutrition in the patient.And if the symptoms are severe, it can also cause patients to cause esophageal rupture and gastric mucosal rupture and bleeding, and may even cause patients to die.

1. If women have severe vomiting symptoms during pregnancy, it will easily cause dehydration.Because frequent vomiting can lead to a large amount of digestive solution discharged from the body and cause electrolyte disorders, when this happens, corresponding treatment measures need to be taken in time.Because frequent vomiting can lead to lack of nutrition in the body of pregnant women, you can add some nutrients to supplement your body.

2. If the symptoms of pregnancy vomiting are very serious, it may cause the esophagus rupture and gastric mucosa rupture and bleeding. In this case, most of them will be more likely to occur after severe vomiting.This situation is likely to be caused by local gastric mucosa, and it may also cause patients with vomiting. If this is the case, pregnancy can be terminated if necessary to avoid harm to physical health.

3. Long -term vomiting can cause patients with symptoms such as eye muscle paralysis and torso. Therefore, the occurrence of this symptom will cause the patient’s standing and walking posture to be affected, and it may even lead to the symptoms of fainting and symptoms of the patient’s fainting.In severe cases, it can cause death.Therefore, when this happens, they must go to the hospital for examination in time to treat them according to the degree of symptoms.”””

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