How to eat folic acid during pregnancy?

Everyone has heard of folic acid?I haven’t heard of it before preparing to get pregnant.I started to get pregnant before I realized what folic acid was.So I think it is necessary to talk to you.

Folic acid is a component to prevent fetal nerve tube deformity.It cannot be synthesized by the human body itself, and it can only be taken extra by medicine.Although the vegetables also contain folic acid, some people ask it for three poisonous medicines. Can you eat more vegetables to add enough folic acid?First of all, folic acid tablets are non -toxic, and vegetables do contain foliculine, but the content is small, which is not enough compared to the amount of folic acid required during pregnancy.

Does folic acid be eaten from knowing after pregnancy?

Folic acid is eaten from the first three months of pregnancy.

Is it enough to eat three months before pregnancy?

To be precise, it has been eaten from the first three months of pregnancy to the first three months of pregnancy.Some also say that you should always eat during pregnancy, but most of them are actually enough to start the third month of pregnancy in the first three months of pregnancy.

But I was pregnant for a long time and did n’t eat enough for six months. It ’s okay. As long as you prepare for pregnancy, it’ s okay if you start eating in June.

If I get pregnant unexpectedly, do I have no pregnancy?Then eat it directly three months after pregnancy.

So how do we choose folic acid?

In fact, there are many kinds of folic acid on the market. Doctors recommend the cheapest one box of Selian folic acid tablets that can be bought at about 20 or 30.A box of 28 pieces, eating a piece a day just a month.Community hospitals in some places have free folic acid, and you can search for it online.Of course, if the conditions are good, you can also choose to buy a composite vitamin type of folic acid tablets. In addition to the standard folic acid content, the composite vitamin type types also contain other vitamins. You can choose it yourself.If there is no other nutritional deficiency, in fact, simple folic acid tablets are fine.

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