How to distinguish whether the female cat is pregnant?If you observe these changes carefully, you can know

The cat’s standard is about 9 weeks during pregnancy, and the cat after pregnancy will soon show the abnormal body and behavior.If you know how to distinguish these changes, you can see if your cat is pregnant.

The cats who enter the estrus will first show restless sitting, and then you will find that she becomes emotional and starts her loved ones, and at the same time makes a low cry.The phenomenon.

The cats in estrus will be more loved ones, and they will go under the feet of the owner.She would walk on the floor while walking, squatting up her tail, bowing her waist, and posing a pair of mismatches.

1. Observe whether the cat’s nipples become larger

Entering 15-18 days of pregnancy, the nipples of female cats often turn bright pink, or they become red.The breasts of the female cat will also become larger, and it may secrete milk white liquid.

The bigger nipples are also signs of entering the estrus period, so the female cat with bigger nipples may not be pregnant. It is necessary to observe a series of signs of pregnancy to judge.

2. Pay attention to the cat’s body change

The pregnant female cat looks a bit down from the side and her belly is round.From the top to bottom, the stomach of pregnant cats often swells in the middle of the neck and tail.

If your female cat looks a little overweight, you will find that not only her abdomen, her neck and limbs are heavier together.

3. Observe the nesting behavior of female cats

A few days before childbirth, the cat mother would have a nest building to prepare for the coming of the kitten.Mother Cat may go to a quiet place with a blanket and towel to build a small nest.At this time, you need to prepare a cat to produce a special cat’s nest and encourage her to live in a small nest waiting.

If you observe the nest building and did not realize that she was pregnant before, then you need to take her to the Veterinary Hospital as soon as possible for detailed prenatal examinations.

Avoid vaccination for pregnant female cats, parasites, or feed medicines.Especially vaccines are very dangerous for female cats and fetuses during pregnancy.When feeding any drugs for female cats or kittens after pregnancy or after pregnancy, it is necessary to consult the professional guidance of veterinarians first.

You will notice that the pregnant female cat will consume more food and increase weight on the eve of childbirth.Because the fetus will develop rapidly in the last three weeks of pregnancy, you should choose cat food according to the baby formula (growth formula) to provide more energy for cat mothers to ensure that the cat’s needs for energy.

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