How to diagnose and treat hypothyroidism during pregnancy?

Generally speaking, we still recommend that expectant mothers must start to pay more attention to thyroid function testing during the pregnancy. If there is already hypothyroidism or sub -clinical hypothyroidism, we must treat them in time. Try to let the indicators return to normal before considering whether to get pregnant.Of course, even if their nail skills are normal before pregnancy, hypothyroidism may still occur during pregnancy, especially those who are more than 30 years old.If family history or past history, there will be a positive phenomenon of persistent thyroid peroxide antibodies (TPOAB). The chance of hypothyroidism during pregnancy will increase significantly compared with others.Essence

What are the hazards of hypothyroidism during pregnancy?

The hazards of hypothyroidism during pregnancy are mainly manifested in three aspects: First of all, hypothyroid women are more likely to suffer from obstetrics such as miscarriage, anemia, hypertrophy, premature placental peeling, and postpartum bleeding.Secondly, unprecedented pregnancy hypothyroidism can lead to an increase in premature birth, low birth weight, newborn respiratory distress syndrome, and the risk of embryonic death and perinatal death risk.In the end, it is especially important that thyroid hormones have a very important role in promoting the development of fetal brain. If there is a lack, it will have a serious adverse effect on brain development.Some foreign authors have found that unprecedented pregnancy hypothyroidism, the IQ (ie, IQ) scores of their sons are lower than the average value of normal pregnant women’s sons, and at the same time, the behavior cognitive ability of offspring is reduced by 8-10 points.At present, scholars at home and abroad believe that hypothyroidism must be treated as soon as possible.

So how to treat pregnancy hypothyroidism?

First of all, it is recommended that expectant mothers go to the tertiary hospital’s endocrinology specialist. The doctor will comprehensively evaluate the indicators such as the TSH level, the number of gestational weeks and the test results of the thyroid itself.Generally speaking, hypothyroidism needs to be supplemented with L-T4 (left norexorine), especially severe hypothyroidism pregnant women, and must be used in a sufficient amount to correct the hypothyroidism as soon as possible. The specific dose is judged by the doctors.The doctor’s doctor’s advice can be taken regularly, and you can check the skills regularly.Studies at home and abroad have confirmed that after a sufficient amount of L-T4 treatment for pregnant women with hypothyroidism, the damaged brain function of the child can be recovered. Specific mothers must not have the wrong thoughts that do not take any drugs during pregnancy and resist the treatment.For adult clinical hypothyroidism during pregnancy, if TOPAB is positive, L-T4 treatment is given. If TPOAB is negative, it can be observed closely. If the TSH continuity increases or the level of FT4 is reduced, L-T4 treatment is given.

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