How to determine accidental pregnancy

How to determine accidental pregnancy?Many women do not take contraceptive measures in the process of sexual life. They are very worried about what to do if I get pregnant by accident?How to determine unexpected pregnancy?Shangde experts pointed out that the determination of unexpected pregnancy must be paid to some early pregnancy symptoms before pregnancy. Once an early pregnancy reaction occurs, it can be determined whether it is unexpectedly pregnant.

How to determine accidental pregnancy?What are the early pregnancy reactions?Shangde experts point out that there will be individual differences in the early pregnancy symptoms, but there are some typical symptoms of pregnancy, which will occur in the early stages of pregnancy, such as discontinuation, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, frequent urination, breast changes, etc.

1. Delay or discontinuation of menstruation: This is the main manifestation of accidental pregnancy, and it is also a manifestation of women’s alertness.However, there are many reasons for delaying menstruation, such as: emotion, stress, endocrine, gynecological diseases, drugs, etc.If there is a sexual life in the near future and the menstrual period has not been delayed for ten days, you should be alert to whether you are pregnant.

2. Fatigue and tiredness: Women who are pregnant after accident always feel tired and have no energy to sleep. Pay attention to rest.

3. Nausea and vomiting: This kind of manifestation is not all available, and nausea and vomiting time and characteristics are not the same.

4. Breast pain: Many women also show breast pain during menstruation, and breast tenderness will be stronger after accidents. It is necessary to pay attention to distinguish.

5, frequent urination: In the early days of unexpected pregnancy, many women had frequent urination. This is why the uterine enlargement is compressed to the bladder.

How to determine accidental pregnancy?The symptoms of the above unexpected pregnancy appear, and the next step is to determine whether it is an accidental pregnancy.The common early pregnancy testing method is that the early pregnancy test strip is positive: early pregnancy test strip test is mainly HCG levels in urine. The testing time is about one week after menopause. If the test strip is positive, it should be determined in the hospital in time.

How to determine accidental pregnancy?Unwanted pregnancy how to do?Shangde experts pointed out that 40-50 days of pregnancy is the time to terminate pregnancy. Timely choosing a regular professional gynecological hospital and choosing the correct abortion surgery can avoid physical and mental harm to women.

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