How to deal with the situation of sleeping during pregnancy and sleep well during pregnancy?

Everyone who has given birth to a baby or pregnant has experienced it. As the stomach gets bigger and bigger, the more uncomfortable sleeping at night, and at the same time, there are many problems. For example, many pregnant women will feel numb, arms and arms, andBack pain, some pregnant women have the phenomenon of snoring, etc. So what are the reasons for these phenomena?How can we cope with the situation during pregnancy and sleep well during pregnancy?

Generally, during the process of sleeping, pregnant mothers will probably encounter the following five situations:

1. Sleep

After pregnancy, as the pregnancy time increases, the uterus continues to increase, which may compress the nerves; in addition to maintaining a sleeping posture for a long time, it may also compress the nerves, so it will appear numb.EssenceIf you feel numb when you sleep during pregnancy, it is best to change your position appropriately when you sleep, so as to reduce the symptoms of compression.Sometimes I feel numb when I sleep, which may be caused by calcium deficiency. It is recommended to eat more calcium -containing foods, such as: milk and dairy products, green vegetables, sesame, peanuts, etc.

2. Sleeping and snoring

Related studies have shown that only 14%of women without pregnancy will snoring, and the chances of healthy pregnant women are doubled, and about 30%of pregnant women will snoring when they sleep.

Sleeping and snoring at night in the evening of pregnancy. From a scientific perspective, it is normal.With the growth and development of the fetus, the uterus continues to increase, and it will cause some compression and impact on other organs in the body; the weight of the pregnant woman in the middle of pregnancy has increased, which leads to the upward intervals of the interval, which increases the pressure of the chest cavity.The respiratory function was affected, resulting in difficulty breathing.At the same time, some hormone changes in pregnant women have caused the nose to be unreasonable, increasing the difficulty of breathing, and causing snoring.However, if the situation of pregnant women’s snoring is more serious, it is recommended to check for medical examination.In addition, during the sleeping and snoring at night, pregnant women may occur for a few seconds of breathing. In severe cases, they may have hundreds of times. Family people should pay more attention to pregnant women, because this will cause pregnant women to suffocate and sleep.Make pregnant women stroke.Therefore, in the middle and late pregnancy, pregnant women should choose the left side when they sleep at night for their own health and the normal development of the baby. When sleeping at night, try to avoid sleeping as much as possible., Chest tightness.

In addition, pregnant women who sleep at night may usually be too tired, or they may also be the physical obesity during pregnancy.

Pregnant women should pay attention to rest during pregnancy. Do not overwhelm it. Keep sufficient sleep. Do not eat foods with high salt content in your diet.Essence

Third, sleep back pain

After pregnancy, hormone secretion in pregnant women will change.In order to successfully pass the birth canal during childbirth, some hormones will secrete in the pregnant woman’s body, which can relax the ligament that connects the pelvis, and at the same time to relax the muscles and increase the curvature of the spine.The body’s center of gravity moves backwards, and the lumbar spine is forward. The back extensor muscle continues to be tense. In addition, the uterine increase during pregnancy, the change of the position of the pelvic organs, and local metabolic disorders may cause the waist pain during pregnancy.So pregnant women are prone to low back pain.

In order to allow lumbar pain to sleep during pregnancy, the following methods can be used:

1. Appropriate exercise, choose suitable gymnastics or swimming in pregnant women, and exercise according to personal circumstances.

2, hot compresses and gentle massage can promote blood circulation and relieve pain.

3. Choose a mattress with a moderate soft and hard, and the too soft mattress can easily sink the waist, causing or aggravating low back pain.It is recommended to sleep on the side of sleep on the side.

4. Sit down or stand up and try to take it slowly. It should not be too fast. It is best to help the object.When you sit, you should be comfortable on the back of the chair. You should straighten your upper body. Do not sit on the bench for a long time. When you stand, the pelvis is leaned later, lift up the upper body, and fall backwards to avoid standing for a long time.

5. Choose more comfortable shoes to avoid wearing high heels.

6. Pay attention to nutrition. You can eat foods that are mainly rich in protein, calcium, vitamin B, vitamin C and D and D.

Fourth, always drool when sleeping

The temperature of the general oral cavity is more suitable for bacterial growth and reproduction.If the food remaining in the mouth is not cleaned as soon as possible, it is prone to periodontal disease. Once it is stimulated, it is prone to drooling.

I always drool after sleeping after pregnancy. It may be due to oral problems and genetic factors, or it may be caused by changes in hormone levels in the body after pregnancy.If there is a congenital anterior teeth, it will also cause drooling for pregnant women.After pregnancy, you should pay more attention to oral hygiene than usual. If you are accompanied by other discomfort symptoms, such as gum pain, stomach burning, etc., you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

5. Swallow and sweat a lot

Over time, the stomach is getting bigger and bigger, and the pregnant woman sleeping in the third trimester is prone to sweating compared with early and mid -term.Due to changes in hormone during pregnancy, the female and progesterone in pregnant women will increase higher than before, which may make adrenal cortex function active and cause frequent sweat.In addition, pregnant women metabolize faster in normal conditions, and may be faster when sleeping, which will cause vascular contraction dysfunction, increase blood circulation, and increase sweat.If pregnant women sweat a lot during sleep, first of all, natural and cotton loose clothing should be selected. Do not wear tights and affect the penetration of sweat.Secondly, you should also change the underwear and coats to ensure sufficient sleep without too much nervousness.If you have more abnormal phenomena with sweating, you should seek medical treatment in time.

According to the above situations, it is generally recommended that pregnant women sleep as much as possible to sleep as much as possible, and it can be slightly left to the left. About 15-30 degrees on the left.The posture of sleeping during pregnancy can affect the baby’s development.

The sleeping posture of pregnant women can be divided into three stages in early, middle, and late stages of pregnancy.

In the early pregnancy, pregnant women sleep mainly based on comfort. The fetus is in the development stage. The fetus is relatively small. They can choose to lie on their back or lying on the side, but they cannot sleep on their stomachs.

In the middle of pregnancy, the abdomen has begun to bulge slightly. In order to protect the development of the fetus, you can choose a side lying posture.The side lying position can not only prevent edema of the legs of pregnant women, but also prevent the occurrence of venous veins and hemorrhoids appearing in lower limbs.

The basic situation of the fetus in the third trimester has stabilized, the size of the fetus is relatively large, and the ligaments will become loose. It is best to choose the posture of the left side.

Sleeping on the left is the most scientific sleeping position during pregnancy. It not only reduces the lack of blood supply caused by factor ligament to stretch over long, but also prevents the compression of the aorta of the uterus.environment of.It should be noted that although sleeping on the left side of the pregnant mother is the safest to the fetus and herself, but do not move anymore, otherwise the pregnant mother’s shoulders will not be able to bear it.Sleeping during pregnancy does not mean that you have to sleep on the left side, and occasionally you can sleep on the right side. It is recommended that you do n’t have too long when you sleep on the right side.

The uterus itself belongs to a relatively independent tissue. The nutrition and blood required by the fetus will be transmitted to the placenta through the uterus and then enter the fetus.Because the uterus is in the left abdomen, the right side will make the uterine ligament and blood vessels in a longer stretch state. If the pregnant mother sleeps for a long time, it may cause the blood circulation of the uterineChang, then the blood supply to the fetus is prone to problems. One of the most common phenomena is chronic hypoxia for fetal fetuses. This is very unfavorable to the healthy development of the fetus, and the baby still has the risk of suffocation.

There is a misunderstanding. Some pregnant mothers think that there is a lot of room for activity in the baby lying down and sleeping. The baby will not be pressed and it will be very comfortable. The result is the opposite.The sleeping position on the flat position will cause the uterus to compress the abdominal aorta, affect the blood circulation, and cause the risk of hypoxia in the fetus. It will also affect the detoxification effect of the kidneys. In severe cases, the pregnant mother will have pregnancy poisoning, dizziness, breath, and chest tightness.Essence

At the same time, it is necessary to note that pregnant mothers should try not to turn around frequently when they sleep.When pregnant women fall asleep, the fetus will also be in sleep, and the fetus will have their own biological clock. If the pregnant woman turns around frequently, the fetus in the belly will be shaken, andThe quality of fetal sleep will also affect the development of the fetus, increase the risk of umbilical cord around the neck, and even endanger the life of the fetus, because the umbilical cord is a bond connecting pregnant women and fetuses.

In summary, in order to be able to sleep well during pregnancy, at the same time, choosing to sleep on the left side is the most scientific sleeping position during pregnancy.

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