how to deal with edema of pregnancy?What are you paying attention to drinking water during pregnancy?

Edema during pregnancy refers to the edema that pregnant women occur during pregnancy, which can be divided into two types: physiological and pathological.

Most pregnant women in the middle and late pregnancy will have edema. Most of these are physiological edema. Generally, the edema will automatically subsides after the production.

Some pregnant women are pathological edema, which will directly affect physical health and fetal development. Pay attention to observation to seek medical treatment in time.And adjust the amount of drinking water in accordance with the doctor’s advice to avoid affecting the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

Simply distinguish edema type

1. Physiological edema

At different times in a day, the parts of edema will be different, and it usually occurs below the ankle or knee.If you raise your feet for a while, edema is relatively reduced, mostly physiological edema.Physiological edema disappears after giving birth, so there is no need to worry too much.

2. Pathological edema

If the pregnant woman’s lower limbs, hands, faces, abdomen, etc. appear edema, and the skin in the edema is pressed down, poor elasticity, and dark blue, which may be pathological edema.

Pathological edema may cause nerve compression, cause numbness and tingling fingertips from the outside of the thigh, and immediately go to the doctor to ensure safety.

What are you paying attention to drinking water during pregnancy?

1. Drink a small amount, drink slowly

Pregnant mothers can try a small amount and drink water slowly, not only moisturizing her throat, but also relieve their thirst well.

2. How much water do you drink every day during pregnancy?

Due to the increase in basic metabolism of the body after pregnancy, the consumption of water in pregnant women will increase.Generally speaking, drinking water daily during pregnancy requires 1700-2000 ml, and it is advisable to drink warm water.Add water consumed by the body.

(Note: Pregnant women friends with frequent urination symptoms in the early pregnancy and third trimester, try to avoid drinking too much water to cause frequent urination before going to bed.)

3. How to judge whether the amount of drinking water is sufficient?

When the urine is clarified or pale yellow, it means that the amount of drinking water is sufficient; the dark yellow urine color usually means that the amount of drinking water needs to be increased.

4. I dare not drink more water during pregnancy. I am afraid that the more swollen?

In fact, lower limb edema during pregnancy is uterine compression or too much salt. Sodium in salt will cause water to stay in the body, not because of drinking too much water.

Pregnant women can drink water in moderation.Edema can reduce drinking water.

how to deal with edema of pregnancy?

Wear loose and comfortable clothing

Proper your legs and move your legs in a timely manner.

Improve the schedule.

Avoid standing for a long time.

Do not eat salty food.

Take a slow walk.

It is very hard during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers pay attention to adjusting their personal habits. Partners and family members pay more attention to this knowledge and give care and help.I wish you all your healthy mothers healthy and smooth production!

(The content of the article only provides related health information, and it cannot replace any personal medical diagnosis and treatment.)

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