How to control emotions during pregnancy and emotions during pregnancy and children’s future personality?

The expectant mothers during pregnancy are easy to cry because of some things, especially for those mothers with fragile literature and art, sadness is really a good family.

As a mother, I remember that I would also encounter a bad mood during my pregnancy, and then I would have a temper.There are countless times. Now it seems that sad things were unreasonable at that time, and many were trivial.

1. Excessive pressure

For many expectant mothers, no matter whether it is a pregnant mother or an employee of a company, a husband’s wife, etc., the things faced by multiple identities are also endless.When you come to the door, the pressure you face will naturally increase.If such pressure is not resolved in time, it may be harmful to the mother’s health!

2. Cause of physical changes

The expectant mothers are in the stage of pregnancy, and they occasionally come to all kinds of births. It looks normal to discharge some diseases, but it is really tiring to run to the hospital from time to time.More importantly, with the extension of pregnancy time, Baoma’s body will change, and psychological stress will gradually increase, fearing that they will accidentally get rid of the child.In this way, it is easy to be sad every day.

If the expectant mother really is sad once from time to time, in addition to hurting her herself, is it harmful to the children in the belly?The answer is yes.Generally speaking, if the mothers often have too much emotions, they are actually harmful to their children, not just sadness.

1. Fetal malformations or abnormal fetal movement

If the mother’s cry is in the stage of the child’s development, if the mood is too big, it is likely to cause the child’s rabbit lips and other malformation diseases; and some pregnant women’s homes are not good or some bad things happen during pregnancy. If it is too sad, thenThe fetal movement of the fetus will be abnormal and even dangerous!

2. Obstructing children’s growth

If pregnant women are emotional during pregnancy, especially negative emotions, just like the sadness mentioned before, it will not only affect the development of the fetus, but even after the child is born, it will be affected to some extent.Such a baby is extremely anxious and crying after birth. It is more common that the digestive function is not good, and the ability to adapt to the environment is poor.

3. Causes premature birth or even abortion

If pregnant women do not manage their emotions well during pregnancy, or when they encounter some changes during pregnancy, negative emotions are full, then it may also cause uterine bleeding, even premature birth and abortion.Psychological can make a person grow up healthy, and of course, you can let a person fall into the abyss. Therefore, as a mother -in -law during pregnancy, you must pay attention to your emotions.

1. Find things that are interested in doing

Those who are pregnant, especially those who have been pregnant for a long time, may be the most uncomfortable that one person is boring on the bed at home or hospital.Therefore, before that, we must find what you can do during pregnancy. In this way, you can avoid thinking about it, and it is not easy to be emotionally excited by negative energy.

2. Sitting or learning females yoga

Specific mothers can also use relaxation therapy, such as meditation, yoga, etc. These methods are relatively old and practical ways to cultivate their minds. They are good for the body and are also unique to the spirit of human spirit.In this way, expectant mothers can relax well. If there are negative energy and do not vomit, you can also tell it to his loved ones or friends to solve your troubles.

Do you know the harm and solution of sadness during pregnancy?I hope that all the mothers of pregnancy will "grow up healthy", and also hope that the majority of husbands can give their wives more care.

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