How to comprehensively, effectively and quickly understand abdominal pain?

Don’t panic if you are in a hurry, and you will quickly clear your head from 5 aspects.These five tips are the incentives, parts, nature, degrees, and radioactivity of abdominal pain.


Understand your own condition to find the source of the disease according to the inducement

Patients with gallbladder stones, if abdominal pain appears after high -fat "big meals" such as big fish and meat, be careful of acute cholecystitis.If the severe abdominal pain caused by a car accident, competition, and trauma, be careful of the liver and spleen rupture.Women who have just become pregnant or delayed menstrual abdominal pain must consider ectopic pregnancy.Crossing the overeating, after drinking a lot of alcohol, be careful of acute pancreatitis.After eating bad things, vomiting and abdominal pain are basically acute gastroenteritis or food poisoning.


Most distinction parts of abdominal pain diseases find lesions

If there is no fixed position in acute pain, it often changes, and the possibility of functional lesions is more likely.The abdominal pain of the organic lesions is often clear and needs to be paid attention.The upper abdomen is the area above the navel. The abdominal pain here often comes from the liver, gallbladder, stomach, duodenum and spleen.The "sphere of power" of the small intestine around the navel in the middle is mainly the pain caused by the small intestine and the colon lesions of the small intestine and the outer peripheral.The lower abdomen and pelvic cavity include rectal, bladder, uterus, ovarian, fallopian tube and other organs. Pelvic inflammatory inflammatory disease, cystitis and other lesions are mainly manifested in lower abdomen and pelvic cavity pain, commonly known as "small stomach" pain.In addition, pancreatic and kidney are located on the posterior wall of the abdominal cavity. Although the pain caused by pancreatitis and other lesions is severe, but when the stomach is pressed, the tenderness is not obvious.In addition, some abdominal pain will cause position metastasis. For example, the typical manifestation of acute appendicitis is that the upper abdomen and umbilical periodontal pain started.


Abdominal pain has characteristics to grasp the characteristics and distinguish the true murderer

The abdominal pain caused by many diseases is very "characteristic", and the characteristics can be found quickly.Acute cholecystitis is manifested as a tentative pain in the right upper abdomen spasm; gastric ulcer perforation manifests as sudden pain in the upper abdomen, and quickly spreads to the whole abdomen.There are acute major bleeding performance such as fatigue, bloating, and pale complexion; there are also major bleeding manifestations of ectopic pregnancy rupture and bleeding, pain in the lower abdomen and pelvic cavity, and patients are accompanied by menstrual delay; pancreatic lesions are painful in the upper abdominal beam; small intestinal obstructionThe pain caused is generally in the umbilicus, and it is often accompanied by a strong intestinal creep with "grunting".


Different levels of abdominal pain different levels

Everyone’s tolerance to pain is different, but some abdominal pain is indeed unbearable.The highest level is acute pancreatitis, which is manifested in the upper abdomen pain and strict lasting. Sitting is restless.The pain caused by ureteral stones is also very severe, and there are occurrences of attacks. If it suddenly relieves, the stones are likely to be excreted.



Depending on the ingenious cause of the radiation site

The abdominal pain caused by ureteral stones is the direction of the downward and the bladder, and it is accompanied by low back pain. The pain of pelvic inflammatory disease is mainly in the lower abdomen and pelvic cavity, and there will be a sense of inflation. Women should be vigilant.The typical manifestation of acute cholecystitis is pain to radiate to the right shoulder and back.

Source: Xuanwu Pusuo

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