How much urine is there in a swimming pool?I did an experiment abroad, about 100 bottled water

At first glance, the blue swimming pool was clear and the naked eye was clean.But in fact?

In 2019, the expert engineer of the Institute of Microbiology of the Guangzhou Micro Biological Research Institute tested 6 conventional projects, of which the total number of residual chlorine and bacteria did not meet the standards; on July 27 this year, the Shenzhen Municipal Health Supervision Bureau announced the number one in the city’s swimming place in 2021 in 2021.The results of the water quality sampling inspection were found in the 468 pools, and 26 were unqualified.Both results point out a fact: the swimming pool is dirty.

The hygiene of the swimming pool has troubled many parents and wants their children to swim, but they are worried that there are too many "feed" inside.

Earlier, in a survey, 19%of people admitted that they had peeing in the pool.You must know that it is good to have the courage to admit it, and how many people are facilitated to solve the problem, and it is impossible for us to get any monitor and tied to the private part of others; how many urine in a swimming pool has an answer, and no one knows the answer.

Without answers, this is even more disturbed.

Professor Li Xingfang from the University of Alberta, Canada, thought of a measure.Find a quantitative substance from urine to analyze the content of its swimming pool. Do you know how much urine contains in the swimming pool?

After several explorations, the researchers set their sights on a large amount of substances that existed in the food -Angemi. What is this material entered the human body and what is discharged, and it is very stable in the water.

With benchmarks, researchers began to collect water samples. They collected 87 samples from two Canadian cities to estimate Anymi concentration.As a result, the average concentration of An Saimi in the urine of adult Canadians is 2360 Nak per milliliter, which means that at most of the swimming pools of the two cities, the liquid of up to 0.05%and 0.1%is urine!It is equivalent to in a swimming pool, with nearly 100 bottles (500ml) of bottled water so many urine.

In addition to urine, the pool may also bring a little "taste" "Mita Communist".

It is estimated that the average "tour" guest will bring 0.14 grams of feces to the pool. The individual shit is amazing, and the output can even reach 70 times the average.Especially online celebrities, open -air borderless pools, high -level ~ but people do not have birds to prevent birds, and suddenly fly over a few birds above their heads, give you some "mysterious gifts", you can only swallow it.

Urine itself is sterile, but it contains urea, ammonia, amino acids, and creatinine -containing compounds to react with disinfectants such as chlorine to produce by -products.These by -products may stimulate the eyes or respiratory tract and are related to asthma attacks.

When we go to the swimming pool, we will smell a "pungent" chemical taste. These flavors are actually substances generated by urine and chlorine.When the ammonia in the urine collides with the hydrochloride of the disinfection agent, a series of volatile substances containing chlorine -containing can be produced, which is the "swimming pool flavor" (dichloride and trichloride).

Long -term exposure to these odors can cause the eye, skin, or respiratory tract to be stimulated and cause inflammatory reactions.And those chlorine compounds that are less volatile can also be drunk into the human body through the skin or accidentally, thereby causing harm to the human body.

When it comes to swimming safety, one is the safety of water quality, and the other is the problem of accidental pregnancy.Occasionally news broke out in recent years: a man is biubiu in the pool, causing the woman to get pregnant accidentally …

Can you be pregnant with swimming?How good is the sperm quality of that man?In fact, when you are pregnant in the pool, there are still a lot of conditions that need to be met.

Condition 1: Men’s sperm quality excellent quality

The quality of sperm determines the fertility ability of men. If the sperm quality is low, if the number is too small, the vitality is low, and the deformed rate is high, it will directly reduce the possibility of women’s conception.

Condition two: Women happened to be ovulation period

Generally, women’s ovulation periods are for 14 days before menstruation, 2-3 days before and after.However, due to psychological, physiological or environmental factors, the ovulation period is not stable.

Condition three: Sperm and egg survival issues

Excellent sperm and eggs, but whether they can survive are also a technical work.The survival temperature of the sperm and eggs is 32-36 ° C, while the water temperature in the swimming pool is generally not higher than 30 ° C.Furthermore, the water in the swimming pool is treated, such as disinfection, clarification, etc. In this sterilization environment, the survival time of sperm in the body will be shortened. It may be only half an hour, and it will announce the Game OVER.

Condition 4: Breakthrough women’s self -protection mechanism

In the environment of the pool, sperm experienced difficulties and finally survived.Then it has to find eggs to complete its mission.Where is the egg?That is to cross the "crowd of people and the sea", women’s swimsuits, vaginal ports, hymen, and so on.Instead of women in the state of sex, the vaginal opening is usually closed.Even through the vaginal port, there are still levels of the hymen.

Therefore, the probability of "whether you can get pregnant in the swimming pool" is close to 0. Compared with the problem of pregnancy, everyone should be more alert to dermatitis, eye diseases, otitis media and other diseases caused by unqualified water quality.

Of course, we must also be sure that swimming is a systemic movement. It can not only lose weight, but also improve cardiopulmonary function, and even prevent some basic diseases, such as hyperlipidemia, spinal disease, arthritis, etc.Effect.Therefore, while swimming, we must also pay attention to protecting ourselves, try to choose a regular swimming pool, apply a layer of sunscreen before swimming, to isolate the contact between the skin and dirty things.

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