How many years are the most suitable for getting pregnant?

Is it more appropriate to have children in the years after marriage?As soon as young people are married, they are constantly urged to have children and hold their grandson.It’s like the only purpose of marriage to have children.But now young people, just graduated from work, and some have not had time to do themselves, experience life, and enjoy freedom, they are marrying, and children are stuck. Is this really good?

You must know that getting married is not terrible, but children and pets are responsible for their lifetime.If you have a child or buy a pet, your time and energy must be dispersed. There will be a little guy that moves your mind every time, so that you can no longer feel at ease to travel and play. One concern is good., But be sure to consider it, when it is ready.

I personally think that the child is about the same for 2 years. After all, the elders now can’t help but urge. In addition, the late marriage is there, where the age is there, and a small number of people can be born before the age of 30.And after getting married, you must always run into your personality habits. After a world of two people, there are enough savings, wait for everything to be ready, and then welcome the appearance of small lives ~ From then on, the family has changed from two people to three people.It will be very lively.

Everyone’s life path and rhythm are different. Some people get married and have children as soon as they graduate. Some people are still living for themselves when they are 35 years old.Wonderful, difficult to copy, meaningful.No matter what choice, it must be your own choice, not forced or affected by the environment.No matter what friends around you, your family say, you must firmly do your stance and unwavering, and firmly believe that your choice must be correct!

No matter what kind of life is wonderful, you can open your own, unique.Beautiful flowers.

I am the type of people who belong to when they graduate. When my classmates welcome their new life in big cities, I already have my own family.I still remember when I learned the news, I was surprised to my teacher and classmate, and my parents and relatives were surprised.Now what I want to say is that everyone’s choice is different. There are poetry and far away in large cities in large cities, and small cities also have the comfort and warmth of small cities. Standing on the family, slow -paced life, low prices, let the prices let the price, let the price, let the price, let the price make it allowPeople are not so stressful.

This year’s plan is to be ready to welcome the little baby. I am married in October 2020. I found pregnancy in October 2022. In June 2023, the baby was about to be born.At present, it has been seen that it has been five years since it has been married. It is relatively stable through running -in marriage, and there is no contradiction between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law. Everything is in good expectations.After experiencing the new crowns and Jialiu rabbits, the bunny will definitely be strong and blessing. I hope that the birth of the baby can bring us a different life.

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