How many hours to give birth to a second child?Is there any difference in red and water -breaking?

Sister Li and Sister Li are pregnant. The sister is pregnant with the second child. It is 37 weeks. The sister is the first child and it has been 36 weeks.Today, the two sisters pushed the car together to consult.

My sister said that the first child was going to give birth, the painful death came, and so far still feels helpless. Will it hurt if there is a second child?Can it be faster?

The second child belongs to a maternal woman. If the first child is born, in the second production, as long as there are no accidents and special circumstances, it is generally easier than the first time, because through the first birth, the birth canal has expanded., So it is better to go smoothly, but it still hurts and can be painless.

Usually the second child baby is relatively shorter than the first childbirth.Because the labor process is short, it may feel that the pain is smaller.But it is not absolute.How long is it because of people, each person’s labor time is different, and the second child is no exception.Of course, the speed of second child is faster than the first child.

Under normal circumstances, pregnant women feel the pain and fetal delivery time, and the first child who has the first child is about 13-17 hours.The average maternal maternal who gave birth to a second child is only 7-9 hours, or even faster.

In fact, the length of childbirth of the mother is affected by many factors and cannot be generalized.The faster the childbirth is better.Some women’s contractions are very strong, or improper use of oxytocin, and the delivery process is very short. If it is produced in less than 3 hours, it is called "emergency production".Once an emergency occurs, it is not good for pregnant women and fetuses.Urgent production can easily lead to postpartum hemorrhage, laceration of soft bed aisles, and even weak uterine contraction.The chance of emergency newborn infection and the chance of intracranial hemorrhage of newborn will also increase significantly.

The sister then asked, is there any difference between seeing redness when giving birth to a child?

Generally speaking, the vast majority of pregnant mothers have seen the red first and then breaking the water. Seeing that the redness is because the baby’s head has entered the basin. When the pregnant woman’s uterine contraction, the fetal membrane and the uterine wall are separated, the vagina will break, the vagina will beEliminating some blood -like mucus, this is to see red.

Generally, after seeing redness, contractions are launched 24-48 hours, but some pregnant women, seeing red for a week, did not cause labor.

Usually, the uterine contraction will usually appear about 48 hours of red. Waiting for the amniotic sac will rupture when the palace is expanding close to complete, and amniotic fluid is excreted.

Most of the maternal breakwood did not break water after giving birth, and a few mothers would break water before giving birth, that is, break the water first.After breaking the water, go to the hospital immediately and raise your hips to prevent the umbilical cord from prolapse and too much amniotic fluid affect the baby.

Most pregnant women are produced within 24 hours after the amniotic fluid breaks.If the amniotic fluid has broken within 24 hours, there is no contraction, and intervention needs to be performed.

Seeing redness is different from person to person. As long as it is normal in other aspects, it will not affect the baby because of the first seeing red or breaking the water first.(Medical cards have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

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