How many B -ultrasound after pregnancy?Pregnant women are not confused in their hearts

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Most people should know that women have to do B -ultrasound after pregnancy, and pregnant women or mothers who have experienced them know that they can do more B -ultrasound during the whole pregnancy.Remember that during the pregnancy, after the birth of the mother, the mother would say, "How do you go to the B -ultrasound? How many times do you need to do it?" I believe many pregnant women will have such doubts.What about B ultrasound?If there are counting in pregnant women, they will not be confused.

The first time: 7-8 weeks of pregnancy

This is a B -ultrasound check that many pregnant women are easily ignored. As everyone knows, this examination is particularly important.In this period, if you do B -ultrasound, you can judge whether in intrauterine or ectopic pregnancy. I believe everyone knows if the risk of ectopic pregnancy is clear. If it is not discovered in time, pregnant women will be in danger of life.At the same time, you can also check whether there are fetal heart buds. Whether it is a single or multi -child. Check the gestational week to understand whether there is abnormal uterus and attachments.So this examination is very important. It is best not to miss this time for pregnant women.

Second time: 11-13 weeks +6

Many pregnant women have regarded this check -ups as the first examination during pregnancy, which is also a must -have for pregnant women.Mainly, the B -ultrasound can measure NT, which is a critical row of deformed examination during pregnancy.If the NT value is greater than 2.5mm, this is an abnormal condition. It may be abnormal or structural abnormalities in the fetus.

The third time: 20-26 weeks

During this period, a system ultrasound examination should be performed, that is, whether there are abnormalities in the organs of the fetus in all aspects.At this time, the examination can see 31 fetal noodles. The richer the doctor’s experience, the higher the accuracy of the results.

Fourth time: 28-32 weeks

At this time, doing B -ultrasound is the best time to review the structure of the fetal heart, kidney, and brain chamber.In addition, through this examination, some placental diseases can also be diagnosed, such as placenta front, umbilical vascular abnormalities, and so on.

Fifth time: 37 weeks later

In 37 weeks, it is about to give birth. At this time, the doctor will understand the situation of amniotic fluid and the maturity of the placenta through the B ultrasound, and then combine the situation of pregnant women to give the advice of childbirth.

Sixth time: 41 weeks behind

First of all, it is important to emphasize that not all pregnant women will go through this examination.But if pregnant women have not been born in 41 weeks, be careful.If pregnant women have complications, if you need to induce labor, make an ultrasound to see if there is abnormal situation, which can provide a basis for clinical decisions.

What we mentioned above is the B -ultrasound check that pregnant women cannot ignore.If pregnant women have abnormalities, such as slow development, abnormal fetal movement, abnormal bleeding, etc., doctors may increase the number of examinations according to your situation.You know, this is to ensure the healthy examination of the health of the fetus and pregnant women. Do not exclude pregnant women.

Tao Ma said: To do a B -ultrasound during pregnancy, you can clearly understand the development of the fetus and the health of pregnant women.It can also screen some abnormalities in fetal development, so pregnant women should correctly look at the B -ultrasound examination during pregnancy. Do not think that B -ultrasound is unsafe, which will affect the health of the fetus.Or do you feel that you do n’t need to do so many times, when you want to go.This is a manifestation of both and the fetus.How many B -ultrasound did you do during pregnancy?

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