How long is the pregnancy not calculated by the end of menstruation, teach you to calculate your due date time

The sweet "big aunt" every month is very normal, and it is less than two days at most, but this time it has not come for half a month.

She was worried about whether there was something wrong with her body and hurriedly went to the hospital to check her body, but the doctor told her that she had been pregnant for more than 30 days. After learning the news, she was so happy that the news told her parents that her parents alsoI’m happy for her.

However, at the same time, the sweet couple is also very puzzled. His menstruation is obviously postponed for about half a month. How can it be so much different from the time of pregnancy?

For this reason, she also specially consulted the doctor -related questions, but the doctor’s answer made them surprising. It turned out that how long the pregnancy was not calculated according to the end of the "aunt".

Many people are very embarrassed about the cycle of pregnancy. They obviously feel right, but when the doctor has become a very absurd joke.

Which day is pregnancy, it is very important for the assessment of the due date. I do n’t know that my auntie was often accurately judged to accurately determine the due date.

Many pregnant women are judged because they are not accurately judged, so they have caused children to be born on the road, or at home, which is very dangerous for pregnant women and children.

Some women think that the period of shame during the ovulation period or as shame with men is the first day when the child comes to this world. In fact, it is not like this.

Medically, it will generally start from the first day of the "Auntie" time for women.

When calculating the due date, it is not indiscriminate, and there is often a formula.

Under normal circumstances, the month of the month + 9 = the month of pregnancy (month> 3, if <3, then -3)

If you want to be accurate to the day, the last time the aunt was the first day+7 = during the pregnancy period

Here is an example to make everyone know more clearly.

For example, a pregnant woman mother came to the eldest aunt on March 12, so her due date was December 19.

After reading the above method, I feel that the calculation due date is simple.

Therefore, women must not be careless, and they must be recorded for every time when they come to the aunt.

The due date is not the time for the child to be born

Although everyone can already calculate the accurate time for the due date, not every pregnant woman will have children at the due date, and not to mention the situation of premature birth.Even if a normal child is born in the first two or three weeks of the due date or delayed a week, this is a normal phenomenon.

Therefore, women should also pay attention to, especially in the third trimester, pay attention to their own movements and behavior habits. When you find that if you have any uncomfortable body, you must seek medical treatment immediately so that you can ensure that pregnant women and children’s children’s children’s children’s children’s children’s children’s children can be guaranteed.Safety.

Many pregnant women have been a mother for the first time. Even if they listen to others a lot, they think they have sufficient experience. Because they are not prepared, they often do not know how to deal with it when they encounter some situations.

Some pregnant women do not know what kind of situation will appear before having children, so that they will bring great danger to children and pregnant women.

There will be these three situations before the fetus is born. As long as there is such a condition, pregnant women must seek medical treatment immediately, and they must not be careless.

The first case: lower body bleeding

In "The Encyclopedia of Syls", it is often seen that there are bright red substances come out of the vagina before the child is born. If you find that this kind of secretion is not too much, it meansFor some time, this is also a early signal for the fetus to be born.

Therefore, pregnant women should eat more energy at this time to supplement their physical strength to prevent themselves from having their physical strength when they have children.

In addition, you can also take a hot bath before going to the hospital, so that you can relax and go to the hospital to produce easily.

However, if there are a lot of red substances in vagina, and even more than the usual aunt, you must go to the hospital to seek medical treatment. This means that the child is about to give birth.It’s really going to be born on the road.

The second case: the pain of the stomach is severe

When the baby is about to be born, pregnant women often feel that the shrinkage of the uterus is significantly accelerated.

Under normal circumstances, this is a manifestation of the child is about to be born. At the beginning, the contraction will not be too frequent, and the pain will not be too high.

The "Diary of 280 Days of pregnancy" said that when the child is about to be born, the frequency of contractions will greatly increase, and the degree of pain will be very unbearable.

If the pregnant woman finds that her stomach is very painful and it has reached the point where she can’t stand it. This situation may be about to open ten fingers. Pregnant women need to go to the hospital in time to check.

The third case: I found abnormal phenomena when I went to the toilet

In life, some pregnant women have broken the amniotic fluid, but the children are not born.This situation is very dangerous for the fetus, and the child may not come to the world without paying attention to the child.

But because pregnant women do not know the phenomenon of this amniotic fluid, they will miss the best fertility time.

When pregnant women go to the toilet late, it is likely that the lower body will not be able to control the liquid flowing out, and the color is different from the color of the urine, which may be that amniotic fluid is broken.

If this abnormal situation occurs when pregnant women go to the toilet, the pregnant woman must go to the hospital to seek medical treatment to prevent the child from accidents.

After pregnancy, the pregnant woman becomes the baby of the whole family and cares carefully every day. She will also observe very carefully about the body of the pregnant woman, but only for some special phenomena, only the pregnant woman can realize it.

Therefore, pregnant women must not be careless during pregnancy. If they find that their bodies have a trace of abnormal behavior, they must attract attention. They should seek medical treatment in time to ensure the safety of themselves and the fetus, and they are also responsible for the child.

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