How long is it safe after decoration to be safe?

Many people can’t wait to stay in the bag immediately after finishing, but during the decoration process, it will use paint, coatings, wooden boards, plywood and other materials. These materials will contain harmful gases such as (formaldehyde, ammonia, ethylene).

Although the odor disappears after a period of time, a little harmful gas will remain in the decoration materials. If it is not treated in time, this will be greatly harmful to human health.

The new house is valuable, and the price of life is higher!So how long is it safe after the new house is renovated?

1. The fastest 7 days

Some people say that as long as you use absolute safety and environmental materials, you can stay in 7 days, but how can we be decorated with ordinary people, how can we be absolutely safe and environmentally friendly materials?

Even if the plate used in decoration is absolutely environmentally friendly, the adhesive and adhesives used will inevitably release harmful gases, so it is a bit practical and not safe for 7 days.

Two and 3 months

After the renovation, even if you rush to check in, it is best to have three months of ventilation and ventilation, and the simplicity of the ventilation effect of opening the window is not great, because the key to the volatilization of harmful substances such as formaldehyde is the temperature.Temperature accelerates harmful substances.suggestion:

(1) You can turn off the doors and windows at night, turn on the heating equipment (air conditioning, large tile digital lights or other heating equipment) to improve room temperature, and then open the doors and windows for thorough ventilation and ventilation.

(2) You can also use white vinegar to fumigate the entire room, and then open the window to ventilate to ensure that it is more effective.

Three and 3 months

Generally, 5-6 months of ventilation is the best time to stay in, because during this time period, the house has experienced at least two seasons with a higher temperature (the best in summer).Raise the indoor temperature.

Secondly, put a few pots of water in the room and put more plants. The plants can purify the air beautifully; or buy a few packs of activated carbon bags to remove the odor, often open doors, open windows and ventilate, and can also remove formaldehyde and relieve odors.

It is recommended that you choose to move into a new house for about half a year.

Four, one year

If you have children or pregnant women at home, it is best to stay in after one year after the renovation. It is recommended to do a good job of ventilation after decoration. You can put some green plants, and it is best to buy an air purifier.

If pregnant women have just become pregnant, they must avoid staying in a new house in the first three months, because this period is the critical period of fetal development. Once the mother consumes harmful gases, it will inevitably cause adverse effects on the baby’s healthy development.

If possible, the family of pregnant women or infants and young children will move into the new house later.

After the house is renovated, you can understand the mood to stay in, but for the physical and mental health of you and your family, you still need to pay attention to the time of check -in, and remove the harmful gases in a timely and effectively in order to live safely and comfortably!

Readers, do you remember?

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