How long does you get pregnant if you are in the case of in your uncomfortable contraception?28 this year, there is no movement in two years!

Seeing a post, how long does a blogger get pregnant when you ask everyone on the Internet?

This is really hard to say, and the two of us have always wanted a baby to like children very much!

I have n’t been together for many years. I am very sad every time I see such a post, I feel sorry for my husband!

But every time my husband comforted me gently, so that I don’t want to be discouraged!

Every time I say softly to me, "Waiting for your hemorrhoids, try again, there will be!"

It’s really touched. I was really moved when I was able to meet such a destination!

Netizens from Hebei shared her experience of having three children:

"When I was born, I was pregnant three months after marriage! The second child forgot to remember it!

The third child was in the third time, because I was wearing it, I took it that time, and then there was it next month!"

A Jilin beauty and husband fought for more than a year before they were pregnant:

"I just got married for a year, and then I started eating folic acid with confidence. As a result, I did not move for half a year.

Netizens from Jiangsu shared that they had not moved for more than a year, and they were already in the middle of the old Chinese medicine medicine!

"My wife and I had no way to find an old Chinese medicine medicine in the end that year, and I prescribed the prescription for my wife to drink. I opened me three bottles*coffee in zero.Go! "

Is it really so amazing?What does it feel like an advertisement?[Cover your face]

There is a great god in Shandong to share his own god level:

"Break through the barrier on the third day of the blind date, get pregnant within one month, get married for one and a half months, and now 12 weeks!"

It’s really expensive, hahahaha!

Some netizens from Sichuan shared, just a few words, how much bitterness!

"I used it for 4 years and 8 months!"

God is really unfair. Some children have given birth to several or hundreds of.

It is really drought to die, waterlogging!Some people go to the hospital for the sake of unable to give birth.

"I have a headache for this. My wife did it out of the palace once when she got married, and the tube was removed!

It is reasonable to say that the probability should be 50%, but whoever thinks of the hit rate is extremely high, and after the second child, I still went to beat it once!

I do n’t dare not wear raincoats every time now! "

To be honest, most people are about 50%-80%, and the safety period will decrease by 30%, but the lowest is still about 20%!

This probability can be said to be very high, so don’t be lucky, you should take good measures.

On the other hand, infertility conception is not as simple as everyone thinks!

Many factors can affect, and even mental tension has an impact.

Why are young people easy to recruit?It is self -evident: good activity, large number!

The reason why young people pay attention to protection are indeed excellent head tires. At that time, the physical function was in the best state!

How long does you get pregnant if you are in the case of inaction?

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