How long can you know if you are pregnant after "ovulation"?The most accurate confirmation time is this!

During the pregnancy, the little couple cares about whether they can successfully conceive after the same room.Therefore, after the same room, many women can’t wait to take out the pregnancy test stick about a week later to detect whether they are successful.In fact, if you want to detect the results of pregnancy, there is also a time range, so many pregnant couples will ask if a woman can test a few days after ovulation?

Generally speaking, one week after conception is theoretically detected, but due to different individual differences, some deviations may occur if the pregnancy test stick is detected.And the shorter the time is usually, the more inaccurate the detection results, and the longer the time, the more accurate the result will be.

This is because when a woman conceives, the concentration of fluffy gonad hormones in the human body will increase, but the change concentration changes takes a time process.It will be higher.

1. Men stop menstruation

The most obvious symptom of a woman’s conception is menopause.But this symptom is for women with menstruation. If your menstruation is delayed for a week or ten days, it is likely that you will be pregnant successfully.But if women’s menstruation is irregular, this method of checking is not particularly accurate.

Another thing to note is that after a woman is successful, the symptoms of fertilized eggs may occur with bed bleeding, and a small amount of vaginal bleeding will occur. Don’t mistake it that this is menstruation.

2. Increase vaginal secretions

After many women are pregnant, the vaginal secretions will increase. This is because after the woman is pregnant, the hormone level in the body changes, and the vaginal discharge will increase.So women know that they should wear pants with good breathability after pregnancy, try to wear tight pants as little as possible, and pay attention to the cleanliness of the genitals

3. chest tingling

There is also a clear physical response after conception, that is, breasts become painful, which is also a normal physiological reaction in the early pregnancy.This is because a woman is pregnant after pregnancy. The hormonal level in the body changes, and it will cause breast pain and tingling sensation. When the body adapts to this change, the discomfort of the chest will disappear.

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